1st Edition

Testing Children's Development from Birth to School Age

By Charlotte Buehler, Hildegard Hetzer Copyright 1935

    Originally published in 1935, Testing Children's Development from Birth to School Age highlighted the greatly increased interest in measuring the development of pre-school children by other means than the older, inadequate "intelligence tests". In the early part of the twentieth century the work done at the Psychological Institute of the University of Vienna under the general direction of Dr Karl Buehler had become favourably known throughout Europe and the United States. This was also especially true of the studies in child psychology directed by the authors Dr Charlotte Buehler and her one-time assistant, Dr Hildegard Hetzer. The book contains developmental tests for the first six years of life; techniques for testing small children; information on the construction of tests and the evaluation their results. Today it can be read and enjoyed in its historical context.

    Author’s Preface.  Translator’s Preface.  Note.  List of Illustrations.  Introduction  Part 1: The Technique of Testing, the Construction of Tests, and the Evaluation of Results  1. The Technique of Testing  2. Quantitative and Qualitative Evaluation of the Test Results  3. Construction and Standardization of the Tests  Part 2: The Viennese Tests  1. The Tests for the First Year of Life (Liselotte Frankl and Kaethe Wolf)  2. The Tests for the Second Year of Life (Irmgard Gindl and Ludwig Koller)  3. The Tests for the Third to Fifth Years of Life (Maria Maudry)  4. The Tests for the Sixth Year of Life (Lotte Danzinger).  Appendix.  Bibliography.


    Charlotte Buehler and Hildegard Hetzer