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    by Routledge

    334 Pages
    by Routledge

    Textile Conservation: Advances in Practice demonstrates the development in the role and practice of the textile conservator and captures the current diversity of textile conservators’ work.

    The book focuses on four major factors which have influenced development in textile conservation practice since the 1980s: the changing context, an evolution in the way conservators think about objects, the greater involvement of stakeholders, and technical developments. These are all integral to effective conservation decision-making.

    • Includes case studies from the UK, USA and mainland Europe and Asia
    • Assesses the conservation of objects in some of the world’s major cultural institutions
    • Highly illustrated in full colour to show the effect of conservation in practice

    Textile Conservation is a reference manual for textile conservators, textile conservation students and museum and heritage professionals.

    Part One: The Changing Context. 1. Textile Conservation in the Heritage Sector,  2. Treatment Options: What Are We Conserving? 3. Engaging Communities. Part Two: Technical Advances. 4. Remedial Conservation, 5. Preventative Conservation, 6. Scientific Developments. Part Three: The Future. 7. Future Needs and Influences.


    Frances Lennard, Patricia Ewer

    "This book is a welcome appraisal of textile conservation practice in the UK and USA today and is a great resource for textile conservators, providing substance for reflection on our practice. The editors acknowledge the challenges that the profession has faced and the current economic climate and uncertainty makes this excellent publication all the more timely."

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