1st Edition

The Adam Smith Review Volume 14

Edited By Fonna Forman Copyright 2025
    406 Pages 8 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Adam Smith’s contribution to economics is well recognised, yet scholars have recently been exploring anew the multidisciplinary nature of his works.

    The Adam Smith Review is a rigorously refereed annual review that provides a unique forum for interdisciplinary debate on all aspects of Adam Smith’s works, his place in history and the significance of his writings to the modern world.

    It is aimed at facilitating debate among scholars working across the humanities and social sciences, thus emulating the reach of the Enlightenment world which Smith helped to shape.

    List of contributors  

    Editorial Introduction


    PART I : 2020 IASS Tokyo Symposium



    Shinji Nohara


    Adam Smith’s Private Class in the Chair of Moral Philosophy

    Hisashi Shinohara


    The Transformation of Liberalism and Adam Smith in Japan: How Liberalism Survived Its Crises

    Shinji Nohara


    Smith's Invisible Divine Hand

    Brendan Long


    Adam Smith’s Theory of Value: A Reappraisal of Classical Price Discovery

    Sabiou M. Inoua, Vernon L. Smith


    Virtues for Spectators and for Actors: Adam Smith on the amiable and respectable virtues and ‘an assembly of strangers’

    Hiroki Ueno


    Taste of Beauty and Commerce in Adam Smith

    Jimena Hurtado Prieto


    PART II : 2021 IASS Madison Symposium



    Michelle Schwarze


    Injecting Adam Smith’s Ideas in the Market for Kidney Transplants

    Julio Elias and Walter Castro


    Adam Smith and Confucius on Morality

    Hairuo Tan


    Monopoly and the Dysfunction of the Social Mechanism of Equal Respect: A New Reading of Adam Smith's Critique of Monopoly

     Xinzhi Zhao


    PART III : Comments on Samuel Fleischacker’s Being Me Being You


    Adam Smith on Humanity and Moral Concern: Comments on Samuel Fleischacker’s Being Me Being You

    Remy Debes


    Being Me and Understanding You: Comments on Samuel Fleischacker’s Being Me Being You

    Karsten Stueber


    Humanity, Empathy, and the Self: Comments on Samuel Fleischacker’s Being Me Being You

    Nir Ben-Moshe


    Replies to My Critics

    Samuel Fleischacker


    PART IV : Articles


    Adam Smith and the Mind at Work

    Richard Gibson


    Mutual Sympathy contra Peculiar Sympathy: Adam Smith’s Distinction between Fondness and Aspiration

    Elias Khalil


    Is the Source of Morality a Racist, Anti-Semitic Homophobe?

    A Defense of the Impartial Spectator in Adam Smith’s Theory of Moral Sentiments

    Sarah W. Hirschfield


    Reading the Theory of Moral Sentiments as a proposal of virtue as a remedy for partiality

    Alvaro Ledesma Albornoz


    An Economist at the Opera:  Adam Smith’s Passion for the Arts in 1766 Paris

    Olivier Delers, Linda Fairtile, Jonathan B. Wight


    PART V : Book Reviews


    Alain Alcouffe and Philippe Massot-Bordenave, Adam Smith in Toulouse and Occitania: The Unknown Years

    Rémy Duthille


    Adam Smith, Lecciones sobre retórica

    Carmen Hidalgo Roldán


    Antii Lepistö The Rise of Common Sense Conservatism;

    Glory M. Liu Adam Smith’s America

    Yun Min Cho


    Notes for Contributors


    Fonna Forman is Professor of Political Science at the University of California San Diego, where she is the Founding Director of the UCSD Center on Global Justice.