1st Edition

The American Ideology Science, Technology, and Organization...

By H.T. Wilson Copyright 1977

    First published in 1977 The American Ideology presents an analysis of the ways in which Americans and the most advanced capitalist countries think about science, technology, and organization. In particular, the author describes it as an anti-sociological essay set within the broader area between sociology and philosophy as functionally legitimate disciplines within the academic division of labour.

    The ‘American ideology’ seems to revolve around the concepts of rationality and domination; the tension between these concepts is central to the work of Hegel, Marx, Weber, and the Frankfurt School. The author argues in particular that the social sciences are unavoidably a part of the problem expressed through this tension and not a neutral means of observing and resolving it from a distance. This book is an essential read for students and scholars of sociology, political science, and political philosophy.

    Acknowledgements Preface 1. The American ideology 2. Knowledge and the problem of rationality 3. Science and technology 4. Discovery and the community of science: the Popper-Kuhn controversy 5. Social technology and the open society 6. Capitalism and the advanced societies 7. Bureaucratization, rationalization 8. Civil Society and Solidarity 9. Meritocracy and equality 10. The countenance of possibility Notes bibliography Index


    H. T. Wilson