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2nd Edition

The Animals Reader
The Essential Classic and Contemporary Writings, Second Edition

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Book Description

The Animals Reader brings together key classic and contemporary writings from philosophy, ethics, sociology, cultural studies, anthropology, environmental studies, history, law and science. Providing a framework for understanding the state of the multidisciplinary field of animal studies, the second edition contains updated content reflecting the developments in research and theory in the field that have emerged in the ten years since publication of the first edition. With new chapters from Peter Singer, Carol Gigliotto, Jacques Derrida and Irus Braverman, and new topics covered including the connection between animal abuse and interpersonal violence and human-animal relations, this book is the go-to resource for students of animal studies. Extracts are from academic texts and more popular texts alike as readers are given a sense of how human-animal relations have been understood and critiqued through time. Helpful pedagogical features specific to this edition include: - an explanatory updated Editors Introduction- updated introductions to each extract, with details about the author of that piece and the context of their writing- further reading suggestions at the end of each section, updated to reflect new scholarship.With favourite chapters from the first edition preserved, this second edition has all the required new content to bring The Animals Reader fully up to date.

Table of Contents

Editorial Introduction, Linda Kalof and Amy FitzgeraldPart I: Animals as Philosophical, Ethical and Political SubjectsIntroductionCh. 1: The History of Animals, AristotleCh. 2: Principles of Morals and Legislation, Jeremy BenthamCh. 3: In Defense of Slavery, Marjorie SpiegelCh. 4: Equality for Animals?, Peter SingerCh. 5: The Nature and Importance of Rights, Tom ReganCh. 6: The Moral Status of Animals, Martha NussbaumCh. 7: Animal Thing to Animal Person, Steven WiseCh. 8: Becoming Animal, Gilles Deleuze and Felix GuattariCh. 9: The Animal that Therefore I am, Jacques DerridaCh. 10: Animals and the Frontiers of Citizenship, Sue Donaldson and Will KymlickaCh. 11: The Struggle for Compassion and Justice Through Critical Animal Studies, Carol GigliottiFurther ReadingPart II: Animals as Reflexive ThinkersIntroductionCh. 12: An Apology for Raymond Sebond, Michel de MontaigneCh. 13: From the Letters of 1646 and 1649, Rene DescartesCh. 14: (Extract from) The Descent of Man, and Selection in Relation to Sex, Charles DarwinCh. 15: Speaking for Dogs, Clinton R. Sanders and Arnold ArlukeCh. 16: Wild Justice and Fair Play: Cooperation, Forgiveness and Morality in Animals, Mark BekoffCh. 17: Grief, Sadness and the Bones of Elephants, Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson and Susan McCarthyCh. 18: Culture in Chimpanzees, A. Whiten, J. Goodall, W.C. McGrew, T.Nishida, V. ReynoldsFurther ReadingPart III: Animals as Domesticates, Companions and FoodIntroductionCh. 19: The Eating of Flesh, PlutarchCh. 20: Animal Pets, Cruelty and Affection, Yi-Fu TuanCh. 21: The Hunter-Gatherer Prehistory of Human-Animal Interactions, Steven MithenCh. 22: Animal Planet, Harriet RitvoCh. 23: Brave New Farm? Jim Mason and Mary FinelliCh. 24: The Sexual Politics of Meat, Carol J. AdamsCh. 25: The Work of Animals: A Challenge for Social Sciences, Jocelyne PorcherCh. 26: Animal Oppression and Human Violence, David NibertCh. 27: On the Connection Between Animal Abuse and Interpersonal Violence, Piers BeirnePart IV: Animals as Spectacle and SportIntroductionCh. 28: Combats of Elephants, Pliny the ElderCh. 29: Zooland: The Institution of Captivity, Irus BravermanCh. 30: On Being Human in the Bullfight, Garry MarvinCh. 31: Dogfighting: Symbolic Expression and Validation of Masculinity, Rhonda Evans, DeAnn K. Gauthier, and Craig J. ForsythCh. 32: Hunting and Humanity in Western Thought, Matt CartmillFurther ReadingPart V: Animals as SymbolsIntroductionCh. 33: Why Look at Animals?, John BergerCh. 34: The Totemic Illusion, Claude Levi-StraussCh. 35: Extract from An Introduction to Animals in Visual Culture, Randy MalamudCh. 36: Animals as Tradition, Boria SaxCh. 37: The Illumination of the Animal Kingdom: The Role of Light and Electricity in Animal Representation, Jonathan BurtCh. 38: What is the Postmodern Animal? Steve BakerFurther ReadingPart VI: Animals as Scientific ObjectsIntroductionCh. 39: The Observations on the Animal Kingdom, LinnaeusCh. 40: The Brown Dog Riots of 1907, Coral LansburyCh. 41: Into the Labaratory, Lynda BirkeCh. 42: Biopower, Richard TwineCh. 43: Sharing Suffering, Donna HarawayCh. 44: Responding Bodies and Partial Affinities in Human-Animal Worlds, Vinciane DespretFurther ReadingIndex

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Linda Kalof is Professor of Sociology, Michigan State University, USA.Amy Fitzgerald is Associate Professor at the Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Criminology and the Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research, University of Windsor, Canada.