1st Edition

The Applied Studio Model in Higher Music Education Critical Perspectives and Opportunities

By Kelly A. Parkes, Ryan Daniel Copyright 2025
    208 Pages 5 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book presents an examination of the applied music studio as part of higher education. Applied music studios are where students learn an instrument or voice in one-to-one settings with high-level musician teachers.

    This book reconceptualizes this teaching model within higher education and it provides a critical lens, seated in current research provided by a diverse and highly influential set of researcher authors. It provides expert suggestions for improved teaching and learning practices in the applied music studio for readers who may be teachers themselves. It may also provide direction for leaders, directors, department chairs who oversee the quality of applied music studio settings in the respective higher education units. The key feature of this book is that each chapter will explore new and relevant research, bringing new knowledge to the reader. Each chapter will also suggest relevant applied music studio practices and opportunities based on this targeted research literature.

    The primary audience for this book would be applied music studio teachers who engage in teaching within the applied music studio, offering suggestions for higher education and private teaching. A secondary audience would be music education researchers at all levels and who have in interest in contemporary thinking relevant to the applied music studio, as well as those interested in the master-apprentice format for learning in any field. Additionally, directors and chairs of music units globally in higher education would find this book helpful in guiding practice in the applied music studio within higher education settings.

    PART 1 – COMPONENTS 1. The Applied Music Studio: A Decade of Research and Inquiry, Ryan Daniel and Kelly Parkes 2. Fostering Affect, Rapport, and Care for Optimal Performance in Studio Music Instruction, Jennifer Blackwell and Guadalupe López-Íñiguez 3. Advancing Excellence in Teaching: Professionalising Vocal and Instrumental Music Education, Lilian Simones PART 2 - CONTEXT AND OUTCOMES 4. Authoritative Instruction in Music Studio Lessons, Kim Burwell 5. Developing a Pedagogy of Care for International Music Students from Audition to Graduation, Lotte Latukefu and Regan Awale 6. Assessment Of Learning, For Learning, and As Learning in the Applied Music Studio, Kelly A. Parkes PART 3 – POWER 7. Challenging Tradition: Examining Access and Equity in the Master-Apprentice Studio Model, Maureen Yuen 8. Sociocultural Issues – Revisiting the Applied Piano Studio Model, Diana Dumlavwalla 9. Teaching Nonbinary Singers: 21st Century Knowledge and Pedagogies, William Sauerland CONCLUSION 10. The Future of the Applied Music Studio in Higher Education, Ryan Daniel and Kelly A. Parkes


    Kelly A. Parkes, College of Music, at the University of Colorado, Boulder, USA, holds a Ph.D. in music education, Master in Music Performance, and Master in Music Education, along with Graduate Certification in K-12 classroom music teaching. Her sustained research output includes over 40 publications in blind peer-reviewed publications. In addition to 8 invited book chapters and 3 co-edited books, she has made over 100 presentations at state, national, and international conferences. She was recognized twice with two university teaching and research awards from Virginia Tech, acknowledging her expertise in higher education teaching and research. She was also honored for her longstanding commitment to music education with the Lowell Mason Award from the National Association for Music Education in the United States.

    Ryan Daniel is the Chief Academic Officer at Excelsia College, Sydney Australia, and an Adjunct Professor at James Cook University. He holds a Ph.D. in Music Education, Master in Music Performance, and a Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Teaching. His academic journey includes over 60 peer-reviewed scholarly publications, and the recently published scholarly text "Global Crisis and the Creative Industries" (Routledge 2024). Notably, he has been honored twice with the Vice Chancellor’s Award for Teaching Excellence from James Cook University, showcasing his dedication to advancing education.