The Art of Drawing Folds : An Illustrator’s Guide to Drawing the Clothed Figure book cover
1st Edition

The Art of Drawing Folds
An Illustrator’s Guide to Drawing the Clothed Figure

ISBN 9780415793421
Published October 3, 2017 by Routledge
196 Pages 224 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

From Renaissance fresco painters to contemporary graphic novel artists, the ability to draw clothed figures from one’s imagination has always been crucial to artists – and exceptionally difficult to attain. With over 220 illustrations, The Art of Drawing Folds: An Illustrator’s Guide to Drawing the Clothed Figure reveals the logic and patterns in folds, enabling the reader to more easily predict the behavior of cloth when creating folds in their own drawings and paintings.

Addressing folds in clothing systematically, the author provides a clear, concise approach to the analysis, classification and visualization of convincingly naturalistic folds. Starting with the nature of fabric and its geometry, this book methodically explores the reasons for fold behavior based on the construction of clothing and the shapes and actions of the human figure. An essential guide and reference for animators, illustrators, storyboard artists, comic-book artists, 3D modelers, sculptors, fashion designers and students, The Art of Drawing Folds simplifies one of the most complex and important aspects of drawing the clothed figure.

Table of Contents


What are Folds?

Three-dimensional Drawing

Learning to Draw Folds

Chapter One - An Overview of Folds and Materials

Chapter Two - The Elements of Folds

Chapter Three - Parallel Folds

Simple Parallel Folds

Compound Parallel Folds

Chapter Four - Radial Folds

Simple Radial Folds

Compound Radial Folds

Chapter Five - Interlocking Folds

Inverted Folds

Two Parallel Folds Interlock

Interlocking Groups of Parallel Folds

Parallel Folds Interlock with Radial Folds

Interlocking Groups of Radial Folds

Chapter Six - Complex Folds

Ditch and Bridge Folds

Bent Tube Folds

Folds at the Joints

Subdivided Radial Folds

Subdivided Radial Ridge Folds

Nested Inverted Radial Folds

Festoon Folds

Linked Festoon Folds

Telescoping Folds

Twisting Folds

Compressed Radial Folds

Zigzag and Bent Tube Folds Compared

Chapter Seven - Folds at the Floor and Edges

How Cloth Folds When It Meets the Floor

How Cloth Folds When Draped Over an Edge

Chapter Eight - Drawing the Figure

The Mannequin

The Proportions of the Figure

The Head, Chest and Hips

The Upper Limb

The Lower Limb

Muscle Crawl

Joint Surface Exposure and Length Change

Tendon Stretch


Chapter Nine - Clothing and Folds on the Figure

Folds in Pants

Folds in Shirts and Blouses

Folds in Formal Jackets and Coats

Folds in Skirts, Dresses and Robes

Folds in Shoes and Boots

Chapter Ten - Folds in Hands and Gloves

Chapter Eleven - Folds and Wrinkles on the Face

Chapter Twelve - Light and Shade

Twenty Illustrations Explaining Light and Shade

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Kelly Gordon Brine is a storyboard artist working on movies and television shows such as The Punisher, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Designated Survivor and Person of Interest. He has taught drawing as an assistant professor at the University of Toronto, and has also worked as a comic book artist and a software developer.