1st Edition

The Atlantic Slave Trade Volume III Eighteenth Century

Edited By Jeremy Black Copyright 2006

    Originally published as a collection in 2006, this volume looks at the eighteenth century, which saw the high point of the Atlantic slave trade. It contains essays which examine the commercial and financial structure of the British slave trade; the contribution of other European countries to the trade; and the effects of the trade on West and West Central Africa. The volume also has an introduction by the editor commenting on the contribution each essay makes.

    Introduction  1. Slave Exports from West and West-Central Africa, 1700-1810: New Estimates of Volume and Distribution, David Richardson  2. Price of Slaves in West and West-Central Africa: Toward an Annual Series, 1698-1807, David Richardson  3. King Agaja of Dahomey, the Slave Trade, and the Question of West African Plantations: The Mission of Bulfinch Lambe and Adomo Tomo to England, 1726-32, Robin Law  4. Whitehaven and the Eighteenth-Century British Slave Trade, David Richardson and M.M. Schofield  5. The Commercial and Financial Organisation of the British Slave Trade, 1750-1807, R. B. Sheridan  6. Market Structure and the Profits of the British African Trade in the Late Eighteenth Century, J. E. Inikori  7. Profitability of the British Trade in Slaves Once Again, William Darity, Jr.  8. Productivity in the Transatlantic Slave Trade, David Eltis and David Richardson  9. Evidence on English/African Terms of Trade in the Eighteenth Century, H. A. Gemery, Jan Hogendorn and Marion Johnson  10. Characteristics of British Slaving Vessels, 1698-1775, Walter E. Minchinton  11. The World an Absentee Planter and his Slaves Made: Sir William Stapleton and his Nevis Sugar Estate, 1722-1740, Keith Mason  12. "Prodigious Riches": The Wealth of Jamaica before the American Revolution, T. G. Burnard  13. The Condition of the Slaves and Economic Development of the British Windward Islands, 1765-1775, Richard B. Sheridan  14. Measuring the French Slave Trade, 1713-1792/3, Robert Stein  15. The French Sugar Business in the Eighteenth Century: A Quantitative Study, Robert Stein  16. Profitability of Slave and Long-Distance Trading in Context: The Case of Eighteenth-Century France, Guillaume Daudin  17. A Reassessment of the Dutch Atlantic Slave Trade, Johannes Postma  18. The History of the Danish Negro Slave Trade, 1733-1807, Svend Erik Green-Pedersen  19. Worlds Apart: Africans’ Encounters and Africa’s Encounters with the Atlantic in Angola, before 1800, Joseph C. Miller  20. The Cacao Economy of the Eighteenth -Century Province of Caracas and the Spanish Cacao Market, Eugenio Piñero  21. Social Protest and Labour Bargaining: The Changing Nature of Slaves’ Responses to Plantation Life in Eighteenth-Century Barbados, Hilary Beckles and Karl Watson  22. Le Cat and the Physiology of Negroes, G. S. Rousseau.  Name Index.


    Jeremy Black