The Barriers and Fluids of the Eye and Brain  book cover
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The Barriers and Fluids of the Eye and Brain



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ISBN 9780849377075
Published December 18, 1991 by CRC Press
250 Pages

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Book Description

This volume presents the latest findings regarding the control of the fluid environments of the eye and brain. The book is comprised of papers presented at a symposium honoring the 80th birthday of Professor Hugh Davson. The contributors are previous students of Hugh Davson who are now leading authorities in the fields of the eye and brain.
The eye is considered from its many interfaces, including the role of prostaglandins, blood flow in diabetes, and the vitreous body. Other topics discussed include the role of carbonic anhydrase, cerebrospinal fluid and its drainage, and the development of the blood/brain barrier to macromolecules. The book also shows how recent findings about homologous molecules refute earlier studies with "foreign" tracers, and offers a fascinating glimpse into the future with a description of the latest imaging techniques used in neurological diagnosis.

Table of Contents

Transport Processes in the Eye: A Review (J.A. Zadunaisky). Transport Functions of the Blood Ocular and Blood Brain Barriers, and the Microenvironment of Neuronal and Non-Neuronal Tissues (L.Z. Bito). Ocular Pulsatile Blood Flow in Healthy and Diabetic Eyes (M.E. Langham). Physiology of the Vitreous: A Personal View (D.M. Maurice). Role of Carbonic Anhydrase in Aqueous Humor and Cerebrospinal Fluid Formation (T.H. Maren). Pharmacological Manipulation of Cerebrospinal Fluid Secretion (M. Pollay). Structural, Ultrastructural and Functional Correlations Among Local Capillary Systems within the Brain (J. Fenstermacher, H. Nakata, A. Tajima, Mao-Hsiung Yen, V. Acuff and K. Gruber). Effects of Phenylephrine and Dopamine on Locomotor Activity and Permeability of the Blood Brain Barrier of Mice Exposed to Lead from Birth (F.R. Domer). Mechanism Regulating Peptide Levels in the Cerebrospinal Fluid (D.J. Begley and D.G. Chain). Blood Brain Barrier Permeability to Peptides and Proteins (B.V. Zlokovic, J.G. McComb, M.B. Segal and H. Davson). Drainage of Cerebrospinal Fluid During Development and in Congenital Hydrocephalus (H.C. Jones). Development of the Blood Brain Barrier to Macromolecules (N.R. Saunders). Pathophysiology of Communicating Hydrocephalus: Information Provided by the New Imaging Modalities (A.E. James Jr., C.H. Lorenz, A. McKanna, J.L. Creasy, C.L. Partain, E.P. Strecker, and W. Bradley Jr.). Opening of the Blood Brain Barrier to D-Mannitol Induced by Sensory Motor Cortical Lesions in the Anaesthetized Guinea Pig (L.M. Rakic, B.V. Zlokovic, J.B. Mackic, M.N. Lipovac, D.M. Mitrovic, R. Veskov, Z. Redzic, M.B. Segal and H. Davson). Uptake of Thiamine by the Isolated Perfused Sheep Choroid Plexus (D.M. Mitrovic, M.B. Segal, J.E. Preston, H. Davson and B.V. Zlokovic). Epileptogenic Activity of Metaphit-Induced Audiogenic Seizure in Small Rodents (M.N. Lipovac, V. Susic, B.V. Zlokovic, A.E. Jacobson, K.C. Rice A.M. Popovic, S. Popadic, and M.e. A. Reith). Anticonvulsant Effects of Phencyclidine and PCP-Like Drugs on Audiogenic Seizures Induced by Metaphit in Mice (M.N. Lipovac, E.A. Debler, A. Lajtha, B.V. Zlokovic, A.E. Jacobson, K.C. Rice, A.N. Popovic, S. Popadic, and M.E.A. Reith). Cotransport of Sodium, Potassium and Chloride in the Isolated Choroid Plexus (C. Johanson, D. Bairamian, S. Sweeney and M. Epstein). Effect of Congenital Hydrocephalus on Cortical Structures in the H-Tx Rat (R.M. Bucknall, M.G. Harris and H.C. Jones). Index.
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