1st Edition

The Birth of American Accountancy

ISBN 9780367534684
Published September 2, 2020 by Routledge
270 Pages

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Book Description

This book, first published in 1988, brings together for the first time a comprehensive, analytical and annotated bibliography of all American Accounting Works up to 1820. The discussion extends, clarifies and corrects our knowledge of early American publications on accounting. All known printings are listed including many heretofore overlooked and hard-to-find accounting treatments. Each work is reviewed and many illustrations are provided including the title pages of the first printing of every item. The reviews represent the first modern analyses of these early accounting writings and the illustrations are often the first ever published.

Table of Contents

1. The Secretary’s Guide (1737) The George Fisher Series Beginning 1737  2. The Deputy Commissary’s Guide (1774) Elie Vallette  3. Rural Economy, or Essays on the Practical Parts of Husbandry (1776) Arthur Young  4. A Course of Bookkeeping, According to the Method of Single Entry (1788) The Charles Hutton Series Beginning 1788  5. An Introduction to the Counting House (1789) Thomas Sarjeant  6. The Town Officer (1791) Samuel Freeman  7. The Young Book-Keeper’s Assistant (1794) The Thomas Dilworth Series Beginning 1794  8. A New Introduction to Book Keeping (1794) Richard Turner  9. Jones’s English System of Book-Keeping, by Single or Double Entry (1796) Edward T. Jones  10. A New and Complete System of Book-Keeping, By An Improved Method of Double-Entry (1796) William Mitchell  11. The American Accomptant (1797) Chauncy Lee  12. A Treatise of Practical Arithmetic and Bookkeeping (1797) F. Nichols  13. A Concise Introduction to Practical Arithmetic (1798) Samuel Temple  14. The Country Trader’s Assistant (1799) William Cobb  15. Book-Keeping in the True Italian Form (1801) William Jackson  16. The Elements of Bookkeeping (1803) Patrick Kelly  17. An Epitome of Book-Keeping by Double Entry (1804) Thomas Turner  18. A Short System of Practical Arithmetic (1807) William Kinne  19. Book-Keeping by the Method of Single Entry (1808) O.E.  20. The Mercantile Manual, or Accountant’s Guide (1810)  21. The Private Instructor (1815) John Blake  22. The American Book-Keeper (1815) B. Sheys  23. An Epitome of Book-Keeping by Single Entry (1817) Edmund Gale  24. Modern Book-Keeping, by Double Entry (1817) Charles Gerisher  25. The Family Clerk and Student’s Assistant (1817) James Maginness  26. The Trial Balance, or the Book Keeper’s Directory (1818) Thomas H. Goddard  27. The American Tutor’s Assistant (1819) Zachariah Jess  28. A New and Compendious System of Book-Keeping by Double-Entry (1818) D.C. Roscoe  29. The American Book-Keeper (1818) B. Sheys  30. Staniford’s Practical Arithmetic (1818) Daniel Staniford  31. A New and Concise System of Book-Keeping (1819) Benjamin Davies  32. The Young Mercantile’s Manual, or Practical Book-Keeper (1820) I. Alger  33. The American System of Practical Book-Keeping (1820) James Bennett

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Peter J. McMickle and Paul H. Jensen