1st Edition

The Bombay Country Ships 1790-1833

By Anne Bulley Copyright 2000

    Concentrates on the period 1790-1833, especially the early nineteenth century when the Bombay merchant fleet was at its zenith, studying the ships, their trade and the men who owned or sailed in them. The picture is built up from a mass of details and references unearthed in the English East India Company's records and elsewhere, and includes contemporary experiences of sailing in these ships.

    Shipping; East India company control; the Bombay maritime country trade; the country ship owners; the mariners; the country ships - the decline in European commitment.


    Anne Bulley

    'Ms Bulley is a model researcher. She overlooks no relevant facts, and she presents what she has found with admirable clarity.' - Royal Society for Asian Affairs

    'This scholarly work will be welcome by economic and social historians of the sub-Continent; archaeologists and historians of technology will also find it useful since there is virtually no excavated evidence for ships (European or indigenous) or their cargo in Indian waters.' - Nautical Archaeology