1st Edition

The British Economy After Oil Manufacturing or Services?

Edited By Terry Barker, Paul Dunne Copyright 1987

    The British Economy After Oil (1988) examines the future paths for the British economy as North Sea oil runs out. It considers the argument that the future lies in the promotion and growth of services, as well as the counter-argument that the future lies with the development of a strong manufacturing base for the economy.

    Introduction Terry Barker and Paul Dunne.  1. Manufacturing and the Future of the British Economy Wynne Godley  2. International Trade and the British Economy Terry Barker  3. Manufacturing and Services in UK Macro-models John Whitley  4. Manufacturing and Services: Some International Comparisons John Barber  5. The Employment Effects of Expanding Service Industries Ciaran Driver  6. The Structure of Service Employment Paul Dunne  7. Banking and Changes in Industry Structure David Williams  8. Developments in the UK’s International Trading Performance Andrew Kilpatrick and Christopher Moir


    Terry Barker and Paul Dunne