1st Edition

The British Seas An Introduction to the Oceanography and Resources of the North-West European Continental Shelf

By Jack Hardisty Copyright 1990

    Originally published in 1990 and designed as a student text, The British Seas is a clear introduction to the oceanography and resources of the region. It is unique in providing a detailed review of the resources of the north-west European continental shelf together with a comprehensive description of the environment. Introducing the shelf region as if it were a new country, Jack Hardisty explores first its physical environment and then summarizes the distribution and exploitation of resources from the environment. Part 1 – on the oceanography - covers the shape of the shelf, its geological history and its wave and tidal regimes. Part 2 – on the resources – looks at trade and shipping, and the hydrocarbon, fishing and seabed mining industries. It goes on to discuss wave and tidal power, and to consider the problem of pollution in terms of resource utilization. The industrial technology and the environmental potential of each resource are examined, and the economic and legislative restrictions are analysed.

    Part 1: The Oceanography 1. The British Seas: An Overview 2. The Shape of the Shelf 3. Geological History 4. The Wave Regime 5. The Tidal Regime 6. The Oceanographic Regime 7. Modern Shelf Sediments Part 2: The Resources 8. Trade and Shipping 9. Hydrocarbons 10. Fishing 11. Seabed Mining 12. Wave and Tidal Power 13. Waste Disposal 14. British Seas: A Model Future. Appendix I: Examination Questions. Appendix II: Glossary of Place Names.


    Jack Hardisty