1st Edition

The Buddhist Teaching of Totality The Philosophy of Hwa Yen Buddhism

By Edward Conze Copyright 1971

    Originally published in 1971.

    Long regarded as a classic, this volume is one of the most systematic treatments of Hwa Yen to have appeared in the English language. With excellently translated selections of Hwa Yen readings, factual information and discussion, it is highly recommended to readers whose interests in Buddhism incline toward the metaphysical and phenomenological.



    Part One: The Realm of Totality.  Part Two: The Philosophical Foundations of Hwa Yen Buddhism.  Part Three: A Selection of Hwa Yen Readings and the Biographies of the Patriarchs








    Garma C C Chang

    "The finest quality of this book is the clarity and simplicity with which Professor Chang discusses these topics...It is certainly to be recommended." - Journal of Asian Studies

    "This would be a highly useful book for any college or university library. Highly recommended for purchase." - Library Journal