1st Edition

The Calling of Global Responsibility New Initiatives in Justice, Dialogues and Planetary Realizations

By Ananta Kumar Giri Copyright 2023
    290 Pages 11 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge India

    290 Pages 11 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge India

    This book rethinks and transforms the current discourse on globalization and global justice. It expands the idea of globalization from an economic or corporate context to mean humanization and planetary realizations — moving beyond the boundaries of nation-states and other human-made demarcations. The author challenges the notion of human primacy and makes a fervent call to reconfigure the paradigm of anthropocentrism. Through a careful study of movements for justice and inter-faith dialogue from across the world, the book makes a unique contribution to the emerging study of global responsibility. It also helps us overcome our current civilizational crises and cultivate a new civilization of planetary care and co-responsibility.

    As part of the Ethics, Human Rights and Global Political Thought series, the volume will be of great interest to scholars and researchers of law and society, especially social movements, political theory, and philosophy.

    Foreword by Piet Strydom



    1.      The Calling of Global Responsibility: An Introduction and an Invitation to Adventures of Ideas and Transformative Movements


    2.      Rethinking and Transforming Global Justice: ATTAC, Ekta Parishad and Beyond


    3.      New Initiatives in Dialogues across Borders: Transforming Theories and Practices of Dialogues and Responsibility in India, Indonesia and the World


    4.      The Calling of Socio-Spiritual Responsibilization: Corporate Social Responsibility, Climate Change, Anthropocene, Covid-19 and Beyond


    5.      The Calling of Global Responsibility and the Challenges of Planetary Co-Realizations



    The Calling of Global Responsibility: A Roundtable of Epilogues and Reflections


    Global Responsibility and Global Humanization: An Epilogue

    Fred Dallmayr


    Responsibiliy and Global Governance

    P.V. Rajagopal


    Environmental Justice: Towards Global Dialogues

    Felix Padel


    Recovering Justice from Irresponsibility to Responsibility

    A. Osman Farah


    The United Nations Alliance of Civilisations and Searching for Improved Global Governance

    Jeffrey Haynes


    International Charter of Responsibility: The Work of Fondation Charles Leopold Mayer and Beyond

    Julie M. Geredien


    The Calling of Global Responsibility: Corona Crisis, the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and Rays of Hope from the Congress of the People

    Sapir Handelman


    On the Decolonial Turn in Global Responsibility

    Sabelo J. Ndlovu-Gatsheni

    Some Key Concepts in Moral Debates: Postface to The Calling of Global Responsibility

    Rico Sneller


    Ethics of Globality and the Burden of Responsibility

    Mahmoud Masaeli


    Humanity in Face of an Uncertain Future: Are Gaia and Pachamama Going to Guide Us?

    Beatriz Bissio


    The Calling of Global Responsibility: The Great Regeneration and the Great Responsibilization

    Bian Li


    Global Responsibility and the Calling of Planetary Realizations: Walking and Meditating Together With Epilogoues and Reflections

    Ananta Kumar Giri





    Ananta Kumar Giri is a Professor at the Madras Institute of Development Studies, Chennai, India.

    A significant contribution to the discourse on planetary transformation, Ananta Kumar Giri’s new book elevates one's understanding of global crises to a new level of consciousness imbued with insights from social movements and philosophical traditions making 'global responsibility' everyone's act of hope.


     Manoranjan Mohanty, Council for Social Development and University of Delhi, India 


    The Calling of Global Responsibility is an ethically and politically laudable attempt to facilitate a cosmopolitan understanding of responsibility based on his extensive traveling and vast experience and reading. A rich and complex essay that traverses philosophies and social movements across the world in view of developing an adequate global imaginary.


     Heikki Patomäki, Professor of World Politics and Global Political Economy, University of Helsinki, Finland.


    Ananta Kumar Giri has once again ventured into those borderlands where the hard, "real world" issues of economics, politics, and justice meet up with deeper moral and spiritual concerns that mark us as human beings, whatever our individual identities and preferences. We, the human community at all levels, are together responsible for the world in which we live, mandated by nature and our spiritual identities to care for every living being especially for our sisters and brothers in need. The author’s own gentle but insistent insights are enriched by the concluding roundtable that allows us to hear from a dozen distinguished thoughtful intellectuals and committed activists. The Calling of Global Responsibility is a much-needed and welcome book for our troubled century.


    Francis X. Clooney, SJ, Parkman Professor of Divinity, Harvard University, USA.


    The global comes into its own in this call for global justice.  If the need to imagine the largest possible extent of human responsibility has never been greater, Ananta Kumar Giri is a guide like no other.  With respect, compassion, and sharp insight, he asks us to listen to a veritable galaxy of writers, thinkers, and activists who have begun to turn the task ahead into, indeed, a calling. 


     Marilyn Strathern, University of Cambridge, U.K.


    This book challenges us as humanity to embrace a holistic view of rights and responsibilities being inextricably linked in a world that is interconnected and interdependent.  The practice of global responsibility is an expression of humanity’s maturing into Ubuntu consciousness – "I am because You Are - No Me without We!"


     Mamphela Ramphele,  Co-President, The Club of Rome, South Africa