The Causes and Consequences of Chromosomal Aberrations  book cover
1st Edition

The Causes and Consequences of Chromosomal Aberrations

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ISBN 9780849388934
Published December 21, 1992 by CRC Press
544 Pages

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Book Description

The Causes and Consequences of Chromosomal Aberrations explores one of the most dramatic examples of genomic instability-chromosomal aberrations. It describes some of the more recent techniques used to map genes within the human genome, study chromosomal aberrations at the cellular level, and define the organization of the interphase nucleus. General overviews are provided to build a conceptual framework for understanding the generality and specificity of chromosomal aberrations. The Causes and Consequences of Chromosomal Aberrations also explores the role of recombinases and topoisomerases in the development of chromosomal aberrations. It contains studies of chromosomal aberrations, which offer separate instructive treatises on specific malignancies.
The Causes and Consequences of Chromosomal Aberrations is useful to medical and graduate students, physicians, molecular biologists, and cytogeneticists. It will benefit anyone interested in the concepts, contributions, and development in the field of molecular cytogenetics.

Table of Contents

Chromosome Analyses at the Molecular Level: Molecular Cytogenetics: Applications of Fluorescence Hybridization to Chromosomal Aberrations and Cancer Genetics (Y. Xing and J.B. Lawrence). Gene Mapping by Genetic Linkage and Somatic Cell Hybrid Analysis (O. Wesley McBride). The Occurrence of Chromosomal Aberrations in "Normal", "Premalignant", and Malignant Cells: Chromosome Aberrations in Simpler Eukaryotes (A. Aguilera and H. Klein). Myc-Associated Chromosomal Translocations and Rearrangements in Plasmacytogenesis in Mice (F. Wiener and M. Potter). Acquired Chromosomal Aberrations in Normal Individuals (A. Aurias). Chromosome Changes in Leukemia and Cancer and Their Molecular Limning (A.A. Sandberg). Clonal T-Cell Proliferation in Ataxia Telangiectasia (M.-H.Stern). Hybrid Antigen Receptor Genes: A Model of Translocation in Lymphoid Cells and a Marker for the Risk of Developing a Lymphoid Malignancy (S. Lipkowitz and I. R. Kirsch). Constitutional Chromosome Aneuploidy and Cancer (N. Sacchi). Deletions of 5q and Myeloid Leukemias (C.A. Westbrook and M.M. Le Beau). The Mechanism(s) of Formation of Chromosomal Aberrations: The Role of Site-Directed Recombinases in Physiologic and Pathologic Chromosomal Rearrangements (M.R. Lieber). The Mechanisms of Formation of Chromosomal Aberrations: Role of Eukaryotic DNA Topoisomerases (Y. Pommier and R. Bertrand). Specific Instructive Examples: Chromosomal Translocations Involving the c-myc Oncogene in Lymphoid Neoplasia (R.Dalla-Favera). Human B-Cell Neoplasms with the t(11;14) (q13;q32) and T(14;18) (q32;q21) Chromosomal Translocations (Y. Tsujimoto). Themes and Variations among the Mature Lymphoid Leukemias (M.J.S. Dyer and D. Catovsky). Ph-Positive Leukemia (N. Heisterkamp, J.-W. Voncken, H. van Schaick, and J. Groffen). The Causes and Consequences of Chromosomal Aberrations: Acute Myeloid Leukemia (M.R. Baer and C.D. Bloomfield). Structural and Functional Consequences of Chromosomal Translocation in Human T-Cell Tumors (T.H. Rabbitts and T. Boehm). Lymphoid Malignancies That Disrupt Homeotic and "HLH" Genes (P.D. Aplan and I.R. Kirsch). The Misadventures of RB1 (B.L. Gallie). Cytogenetic Characterization of Colorectal and Breast Carcinomas (B. Dutrillaux, M. Gerbault-Seureau, C. Saint-Ruf, V. Bardot, M. Prieur, and M. Muleris). Perspectives on the Development of Molecular Cytogenetics: Cytogenetics of Acquired Chromosomal Abnormalities: From Chromosome to Gene (R. Berger). The Road to the Ig/myc Translocation (G. Klein). From Chromosomes to Oncogenes: A Personal Perspective (P.C. Nowell). Index.

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