1st Edition

The Causes of Tropical Deforestation The Economic and Statistical Analysis of Factors Giving Rise to the Loss of the Tropical Forests

Edited By Katrina Brown, David W. Pearce Copyright 1994
    354 Pages
    by Routledge

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    The Causes of Tropical Deforestation (1994) is an analysis of the problem of deforestation, using statistical technique – a form of ‘environ-metrics’ – to discover the true causes of an issue whose basis is hotly debated, and attributed to causes as varied as poverty, external debt, multinational logging companies, government corruption, the IMF, population growth, and non-sustainable agriculture.

    Part 1. The Issues  1. Saving the World’s Tropical Forests David Pearce and Katrina Brown  2. Tropical Deforestation: Rates and Patterns Norman Myers  Part 2. Explaining Global Deforestation  3. Population and Deforestation Matti Palo  4. International Debt and Deforestation James Kahn and Judith McDonald  5. Tropical Forest Depletion and the Changing Macroeconomy, 1967–85 Ana Doris Capistrano  6. Macroeconomic Causes of Deforestation: Barking up the Wrong Tree? Nemat Shafiq  7. Population, Development and Tropical Deforestation: A Cross-National Study Thomas Rudel  8. Population, Land Use and the Environment in Developing Countries: What Can We Learn from Cross-National Data? Richard Bilsborrow and Martha Geores  9. Tropical Deforestation and Agricultural Development in Latin America Douglas Southgate  Part 3. Country Case Studies  10. The Causes of Tropical Deforestation: A Quantitative Analysis and Case Study from the Philippines David Kummer and Chi Ho Sham  11. Incentives for Tropical Deforestation: Some Examples from Latin America Dennis Mahar and Robert Schneider  12. An Econometric Model of Amazon Deforestation Eustáquio Reis and Rolando Guzmán  13. An Econometric Analysis of the Causes of Tropical Deforestation: the Case of Northern Thailand Theodore Panayotou and Somthawin Sungsuwan  14. Deforestation in Thailand Chiara Lombardini  15. Government Failure and Deforestation in Indonesia Diane Osgood  16. An Analysis of the Causes of Deforestation in India Manab Chakraborty  Part 4. The Tropical Timber Trade  17. The Timber Trade and Tropical Deforestation in Indonesia Edward Barbier, Nancy Bockstael, Joanne Burgess and Ivar Strand  18. Deforestation: the Role of the international Trade in Tropical Timber Edward Barbier, Joanne Burgess, Josh Bishop and Bruce Aylward  19. The Tropical Timber Trade and Sustainable Development Jeffrey Vincent


    Katrina Brown and David W. Pearce