1st Edition

The Challenge To U.S. Policy In The Third World Global Responsibilities And Regional Devolution

By Thomas P Thornton Copyright 1987

    In formulating policy toward the Third World, U.S. decisionmakers have been hampered by a superficial understanding of events in developing countries, by a tendency to deal with Third World problems in terms of global considerations, and by the role of the United States as a superpower with responsibility for helping to manage regional security aff

    The Johns Hopkins Foreign Policy Institute -- Introduction -- The Twilight of American Exceptionalism -- New Claimants for Power -- Global and Regional Systems -- Relating to the Third World -- The Choice of Strategies -- The Situation in Individual Regions -- Policy Directions -- Appendix: Some Management Observations


    Thomas Perry Thornton is adjunct professor of Soviet and Asian studies at The Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. During the Carter administration he was in charge of North-South affairs on the staff of the National Security Council.