2nd Edition

The Chemistry of Clay-Organic Reactions

By Benny K.G Theng Copyright 2024
    330 Pages 91 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    The second edition of The Chemistry of Clay-Organic Reactions book provides a comprehensive and fully updated summary of the literature on the interactions of clay minerals with organic molecules, including reaction mechanisms and bonding modes together with their practical and industrial applications. The reader will gain an insight into the formation and properties of complexes between clay minerals and a variety of organic compounds and the use of such complexes as sorbents and carriers of organic pollutants, pesticides, dyes, and pharmaceuticals.


    • An authoritative resource providing a detailed synthesis of published data on clay-organic complexes and reactions.
    • Authored by a globally recognized expert in the field.
    • Describes developments in the interactions of organic compounds with fibrous and short-range order clay minerals.

    This book is written for environmental and industrial chemists, organic geochemists, and soil scientists, and it will appeal to academics, researchers, industry professionals, and graduate students.

    1. Clays and Clay Minerals: Structures and Surface Properties 2. Interactions of Clay Minerals with Uncharged Organic Compounds 3. Interactions of Clay Minerals with Organic Compounds of Biological and Environmental Importance 4. Interactions of Clay Minerals with Positively Charged Organic Compounds 5. Interactions of Clay Minerals with Negatively Charged Organic Compounds 6.Organic Complexes of Clay Minerals with a 1:1 Type Layer Structure 7. Organic Complexes of Clay Minerals with Layer-Ribbon and Short-Range Order Structures


    Benny K.G. Theng is an honorary research associate with Manaaki Whenua–Landcare Research in Palmerston North, New Zealand (NZ). Before joining the research staff of MW-LC in 1992, he was a senior scientist with the NZ Soil Bureau, Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR). The focus of his distinguished research career has been on the behavior and reactivity of small and polymeric organic compounds at clay mineral surfaces. He was born in Indonesia but did all his undergraduate and postgraduate studies at the University of Adelaide, Australia, gaining a PhD degree in soil science. He was a research fellow, lecturer, mentor, and visiting scientist at several universities and research institutes in Australia, Belgium, Germany, Japan, France, Chile, and China. He also did some consulting work for clay-based companies in America and Europe. He is the recipient of a senior Humboldt fellowship (Germany), an Adam Hilger Prize (UK) for his first book, the ICI Prize (NZ) for chemical research, and the Bailey Distinguished Member Award for outstanding contributions to clay science from the Clay Minerals Society (USA). He is a Fellow of the NZ Institute of Chemistry, NZ Society of Soil Science, and the Royal Society of New Zealand. He likes reading historical books and thrillers, playing contract bridge, and listening to classical and chamber music.