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The City

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Published December 21, 2006 by Routledge
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Book Description

Routledge Library Editions: The City reprints some of the most important works in urban studies published in the last century. It is broken down into thematic minisets which cover:

  • urban planning
  • urban geography
  • sociology of cities
  • urban economics
  • the politics of cities
  • cities in the developing world
  • inequality in Cities
  • the historical development of the city.

The result is a set of key texts in the field, written by prestigious authors from backgrounds as diverse as economics, politics, sociology, geography and history who, together, comprehensively illuminate all aspects of city life.

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Table of Contents

Miniset A: Cities in the Developing World, 6 vols

1. The African City, by Anthony O' Connor

2. Colonial Urban Development: Culture, Social Power and Environment, Anthony D. King

3. The Price of War:Urbanization in Urbanization in Vietnam 1954-85, Nigel Thrift, & Dean Forbes

4. Race, Colonialism and the City, John Rex

5. Theatres of Accumulation: Studies in Asian and Latin American Urbanisation, Armstrong, W & McGee, T

6. Third World Urbanisation, Abu-Lughod, J & Hay, R Jr

Miniset B. History of the City , 11 vols

7. [Ciudades precolombinas]: Pre-columbian cities, Hardoy, Jorge Enrique

8. Cities, Capitalism and Civilization, R. J. Holton

9. Crisis and Order in English Towns, 1500-1700: Essays in Urban History, Peter Clark& Paul Slack,

10. English Urban Life 1776-1851, Walvin, James

11. European Urbanisation; 1500-1800, Jan De Vries

12. The Idea of the City in Nineteenth-Century Britain, Edited by B. I. Coleman

13. The Impact of Railways on Victorian Cities, John R. Kellett

14. London United Tramways: A history, 1894-1933, Wilson, Geoffrey

15. Medieval London, Williams, Gwyn A

16. Rails Through The Clay: A History of London's Tube Railways, Alan A Jackson & Desmond F. Croome

17. Slums and Slum Clearance in Victorian London, J.A. Yelling

Miniset C: Inequality in the City, 5 vols

18. City Slums: A Political Thesis, Ingham, J A

19. Equity in the City, Edited by P.N. Troy

20. Inner City Poverty in Paris and London, Charles Madge& Peter Willmott

21. London Government and the Welfare Services, Ruck S K

22. Racial Exclusionism and the City: The Urban Support of the National Front, Husbands, Christopher T.

Miniset D. Politics of the City , 9 vols

23. American City Politics, Madgwick, P J

24, The Government and Misgovernment of London, William A. Robson

25. Great Cities of the World: Their Government, Politics and Planning, Robson, Prof W A (editor)

26. Half a Century of Municipal Decline, 1935-1985, Loughlin, Martin & Gelfand, M. David & Young, Ken

27. Metropolitan Problems: International Perspectives: A search for comprehensive solutions, Edited by Si mon R. Miles

28. Politics, Planning and the City, Goldsmith, Michael

29, Power and Party in an English City: An Account of Single-Party Rule, Green, David G.

30. The Urban Land Nexus and the State, Scott, A J

31. Urban Politics: A Sociological Interpretation, Peter Saunders

Miniset E: Sociology of the City, 16 vols

32. The City in Cultural Context, Agnew, John A. & Mercer, John & Sopher, David E. [Editors]

33. Education and the City: Theory, History and Contemporary Practice, edited by Gerald Grace

34. Four Years Old In An Urban Community, John and Elizabeth Newson

35, Gentrification of the City, Smith, Neil & Williams, Peter [Editors]

36. Meaning in the Urban Environment, Krampen, M

37. Parents and Children in the Inner City, Harriett Wilson & G W Herbert,

38. The Peckham Experience, Innes H Pearse & Lucy H Crocker,

39. Problems of an urban society: The Social Framework of Planning, Cullingworth, J.B.

40. The Rise of Urban America, Constance McLauglin Green

41. Social Process and the City, Williams, Pete [Editor]

42. Social Theory and the Urban Question, Saunders, Peter

43. The Sociology of Urban Living, Harold E. Nottridge

44. The Urban Community: A World Perspective, Anderson, Nels

45. Urban Sociology: Critical Essays, Edited by C. G. Pickvance

46. Urban Sociology, R N Morris

47. Urban Sociology in an Urbanized Society, J. R. Mellor

Miniset F: Urban Economics, 10 vols

48. Cities and Services: The Geography of Collective Consumption, Steven Pinch

49. Dynamics or Urban Property Development, Jack Rose

50. A History of London Transport: The Nineteenth Century, T.C. Barker & Michael Robbins

51. The Industries of London Since 1861, Hall, P G

52. The London Property Market in AD 2000, Edited by C. Darlow

53. The New Urban Economics and Alternatives, H W Richardson

54. Planning and Profit in the Urban Economy, Broadbent, T A

55. Simulating the Urban Economy: Experiments with input-output techniques, Smith, P & Morrison, W I

56. Urban Growth: An Approach, Brian T. Robson

57. Why Cities Change: Urban Development and Economic Change in Sydney, Edited by Richard V. Cardew & John V. Langdale & David C. Rich

Miniset F: Urban Geography, 12 vols

58. Applied Urban Analysis: A Critique and Synthesis, Ian Cullen

59. Centrality and Cities, Jemes Bird

60. City and Society: An outline for urban geography, R. J Johnston

61. City, Region and Regionalism: A Geographical Contribution to Human Ecology, Robert E Dickinson,

62. Dynamics of Urbanism, Smith, Peter F

63. A Geography of Urban Places, Edited by Robert G. Putnam, Frank J. Taylor & Philip G. Kettle

64. Inner City Regeneration, Robert K. Home

65. Migration and Urban Development, Brinley Thomas

66. Movement in Cities: Spatial Perspectives on Urban Transport and Travel, Daniels, P W & Warnes, A M

67. Syntax of Cities, Smith, Peter F

68. Urban Ecology, Smith, Dianne

69. Urban Geography: A Study of Site, Evolution, Pattern and Classification in Villages, Towns and Cities, Griffith Taylor

Miniset G: Urban Planning, 9 vols

70. The Future of Cities, Blowers, Andrew, Hamnett, Chris and Sarre, Philip (Eds)

71. Garden Cities of To-morrow, Ebenezar Howard, edited with a preface by F.J. Osborn, Introductory Essay by Lewis Mumford

72. The Ideal City: In its Architectural Evolution in Europe, Helen Rosenau,

73. Integrated Urban Models, Putman, S H

74. London's Green Belt: Containment in Practice, Richard Munton,

75. Metropolis and Province, Edited by Ian Inkster, and Jack Morrell

76. Urban Focus, Mark Hewlett,

77. The Urban future: A choice between alternatives, John N. Jackson

78. Urban Planning MethodsL Research and Policy Analysis, Ian Bracken

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