1st Edition

The Colonial Office

By Sir Charles Jeffries Copyright 1956

    The Colonial Office (1956) examines the organisation and work of the Office as it stood in the mid-1950s. The role of the Colonial Office had changed following the Second World War, and this book looks at the reasons for the change and its new role. It is an important examination of the administration of colonialism, and the workings of the central power in the governing of colonies.

    Part 1. The Secretary of State and His Functions  1. The Office of Secretary of State for the Colonies  2. Britain and the Colonial Territories  Part 2. Background of Colonial Office Work  3. The West Indies and their Neighbours  4. West Africa  5. East and Central Africa  6. South-East Asia  7. The Rest of the World  Part 3. Colonial Office Organisation  8. The Making of the Modern Colonial Office  9. Ministers and Civil Servants  10. General Organisation and Office Services  Part 4. Aspects of Colonial Administration  11. Her Majesty‚Äôs Oversea Civil Service  12. Economic Development and Finance  13. Social Development  14. Laws and Constitutions  15. International Relations, Defence and Security  16. Information Services  17. Students and Visitors from Overseas  18. Past, Present and Future


    Sir Charles Jeffries