1st Edition

The Common Scientist of the Seventeenth Century A Study of the Dublin Philosophical Society, 1683-1708

By K Theodore Hoppen Copyright 1970

    Learned societies, such as the Royal Society of London and the Dublin Philosophical Society were a central feature of the scientific revolution of the seventeenth century. This volume shows that a study of the work and membership of these groups is essential before any realistic assessment can be made of the scientific world at this time. Based on a wide range of manuscript and other sources, this book illuminates, by means of an examination of a particular group of natural philosophers, on problems of general interest to all those concerned with the wider aspects of science in this period.

    1. Background and Beginnings and their Applications. 2 The Members of the Society. 3 The Society and Dublin University. 4 The Aims, Organization and Facilities of the Society. 5 The Work of the Society. 6 Attacks and Lampoons on the Society and its Members. 7 Dublin Science



    K Theodore Hoppen

    "The Common Scientist...is a modestly written and thorough work, its value greatly enhance by the comprehensive bibliography and copious notes...not only has Dr Hoppen Rescued Dublin and Irish natural philosophy from oblivion, he has also produced the first worthwhile account of any seventeenth century British society." A J Turner