1st Edition

The Communist Economic Challenge

By David Ingram Copyright 1965

    The Communist Economic Challenge (1965) examines the substantial industrial development in the Soviet Union, and its European satellites, and China, looking at Khrushchev’s boast that by 1970 the USSR’s industrial output would surpass that of the USA. The book analyses the communist record, and evaluates the reality of the Soviet claims that its growth was a mark of the ‘inherent superiority’ of its economic system over capitalism.

    1. Introduction  2. The World Balance Sheet  3. The Production Race  4. Expenditure on Defence and Aid to the Uncommitted Countries  5. Inherent Advantages and Disadvantages of the Communist Economies  6. Some Aspects of Growth in the Soviet Economy  7. Soviet Industry  8. Soviet Agriculture, Fishing and Forestry  9. The East European Communist Countries  10. The Economy of China  11. The Economic Contacts of the Communist Countries with the Rest of the World  12. The Summing Up


    David Ingram