1st Edition

The Comparative Psychology of Audition Perceiving Complex Sounds

Edited By Robert J. Dooling, Stewart H. Hulse Copyright 1989
    494 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    494 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    Uniting scientists who study music, child language, human psychoacoustics, and animal acoustical communication, this volume examines research on the perception of complex sounds. The contributors' papers focus on finding a common principle from the comparison of the processing of complex acoustic signals. This volume emphasizes the "comparative" and the "complex" in auditory perception. Topics covered range from communication systems in mice, birds, and primates to the perception and processing of language and music by humans.

    Contents. G. Ehret, Hearing in the Mouse. J.C. Saunders, W.J. Henry, The Peripheral Auditory System in Birds: Structural and Functional Contributions to Auditory Perception. B. Espinoza-Varas, C.S. Watson, Perception of Complex Auditory Patterns by Humans. J.W. Mullennix, D. B. Pisoni, Speech Perception: Analysis of Biologically Significant Signals. E.C. Carterette, R.A. Kendall, Human Music Perception. H.C. Gerhardt, Acoustic Pattern Recognition in Anuran Amphibians. C.G. Brown, The Acoustic Ecology of East African Primates and the Perceptions of Vocal Signals by Grey-Cheeked Mangabeys and Blue Monkeys. P. Marler, Species Differences in Auditory Responsiveness in Early Vocal Learning. M.D. Beecher, P. Loesche, P.K. Stoddard, M.B. Medvin, Individual Recognition by Voice in Swallows: Signal or Perceptual Adaptation? J.V. Ralston, L.M. Herman, Dolphin Auditory Perception. S.H. Hulse, Comparative Psychology and Pitch Pattern Perception in Songbirds. D.B. Moody, W.C. Stebbins, Salience of Frequency Modulation in Primate Communication. P.K. Kuhl, On Babies, Birds, Modules, and Mechanisms: A Comparative Approach to the Acquisition of Vocal Communication. R.J. Dooling, Perception of Complex Species-Specific Vocalizations by Birds and Humans. J.M. Sinnott, Internal Cognitive Structures Guide Birdsong Perception.


    Robert J. Dooling, Stewart H. Hulse

    "...well worth reading, especially for those with an interest in the comparative approach to auditory perception. The book is a good one."
    Contemporary Psychology

    "The book can serve as a compendium of many valuable studies relating to specific, but divergent, aspects of audition. Strongly recommended as a reference for graduate students studying auditory perception, animal behavior, linguistics, and speech/language pathology."