1st Edition

The Competitiveness of European Industry

Edited By Arthur Francis, Matthew Tharakan Copyright 1989

    First published in 1989, The Competitiveness of European Industry helps in developing our understanding of the process of improving and measuring industrial competitiveness. The contributors focus on the competitiveness of European industry. Three main topics are discussed: the concept of competitiveness itself; what can be learned about competitiveness at the level of an individual national economy; and processes and strategies in forms which might contribute to improved competitive performance. The first two papers critically assess concepts and measures of national competitiveness and review the performances of the economies of Britain, France, and the Federal German Republic. Then follow accounts of industrial competitiveness in three smaller economies (Belgium, Switzerland, and Sweden), which develop a series of methods and techniques for the analysis of industrial structures and indicate significant policy implications. The three concluding papers look at the competitiveness of British industry at the firm level, focusing on the strategic changes, the competitive process, and technical innovation. This book will be of interest to policy makers, business school teachers, and researchers in the area of strategy, industrial economics, organization behaviour, and innovation management.

    List of tables List of figures List of contributors Acknowledgements Introduction Arthur Francis 1. The concept of competitiveness Arthur Francis 2. International competitiveness: alternative macroeconomic strategies and changing perceptions in recent years Hans-Peter Frohlich 3. Comparative advantage and competitiveness in a small, ‘open’ economy P. K. M. Tharakan, J. Waelbroeck, D. Verstralen, A. Sendhaji 4. Competitiveness and internationalization of industry: the case of Switzerland Silvio Borner 5. Hindering and supporting factors in the start-up of new, small, technology-based firms Christer Karlsson 6. Competitiveness and the management of strategic change processes Andrew Pettigrew, Richard Whipp, Robert Rosenfield 7. Social approaches to the competitive process L. Araujo, G. Burrell, G. Easton, R. Rothschild, S. Rothschild, C. Shearman 8. Competition and the momentum of technical change Tim Ray, Janet Evans, Mark Boden, J. Stanley Metcalfe, Michael Gibbons Index


    Arthur Francis and P. K. M. Tharakan