1st Edition

The Contemporary Printed Literature of the English Counter-Reformation between 1558 and 1640 Volume II: Works in English, with Addenda & Corrigenda to Volume I

By A.F. Allison, D.M. Rogers Copyright 1994

    This is an annotated bibliography of Catholic books in English printed abroad or secretly in England at a time when Catholic printing was prohibited in England and such books, when discovered by the authorities, were seized and destroyed. It includes all the 930 items listed in the authors' A Catalogue of Catholic Books in English..., 1956 (A&R) except for a handful which, for reasons of consistency, were described in volume I of the present work (Scolar Press, 1989), and it adds a further twenty-five on which information has come to light more recently. The annotations, historical, literary and bibliographical, are very much fuller than those in A&R and include a vast amount of evidence now brought together for the first time. The true authors of many anonymous and pseudonymous books are identified and many books issued with a false imprint, or no imprint at all, are assigned to particular presses. In each entry, up to fifteen locations are given where known. A concordance links the entries with those in A&R to facilitate cross-reference from one to the other, and indexes of titles, printers and publishers, and persons (including foreign authors) mentioned in the text are provided. The volume concludes with a short list of Addenda and Corrigenda to volume I.

    Foreword, CATALOGUE Part I: Works written or translated by, or concerning, known English Catholic persons, institutions or groups, Part II: Translations by unidentified English Catholics of religious works by known foreign Catholic authors. Part III: Catholic works in English for which no connection with any particular English Catholic person, institution or group has been found and of which, if a translation, the foreign author has not been identified. INDEXES TO VOLUME II


    A.F. Allison, D.M. Rogers

    'these volumes constitute a comprehensive listing of works essential in any serious study of the English Counter-Reformation' American Reference Books Annual 'With the publication of this second volume...this bibliographical opus magnum has been brought to its happy conclusion..It is obvious that this result has been preceded by many years of research of a high standard. Users are to be congratulated on having access to a product of such high quality, the compilers on the astonishing work they have done.' Quarendo, Vol. 29, No. 1