1st Edition

The Craft of Teaching in Public Affairs Instructors Reflecting on the Tools and Tips of their Trade

    230 Pages 1 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    230 Pages 1 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book explores the art and science of teaching in public affairs programs by asking top instructors to discuss their tools and tips for the trade.

    Public affairs is a discipline that builds scholarly knowledge but also trains and educates public administrators to improve their careers, organizations, and communities. Instructors in public affairs programs at the university level therefore play a vital role in safeguarding the governing capacity of public bureaucracies and nonprofits, and it is crucial that their teaching is effective. Containing chapters written by award-winning teachers, grounded in first-hand experience and supplemented with education research, this book offers guidance to new and veteran instructors alike on what works (and doesn’t) in public affairs classrooms. Topics covered include teaching at the undergraduate and graduate levels, teaching non-traditional students, promoting inclusivity in the classroom, managing classrooms, teaching effectively online, and defining student success in the classroom, among other themes.

    This book will be of keen interest to instructors currently teaching courses on public administration, public policy, and nonprofit management, as well as PhD students looking to enhance their teaching skills. 

    1. Introduction and Setting of the Stage  

    William Hatcher, Beth M. Rauhaus, Bruce D. McDonald III  


    Section I: Developing Skills for the Craft  


    2. Surveying the Literature on Being a Successful Teacher in Public Affairs  

    William Hatcher, Beth M. Rauhaus, Rhucha Samudra  


    3. Teaching Undergraduate Public Affairs Students  

    Madinah F. Hamidullah  


    4. Teaching Public Affairs Students at the MPA Level  

    Sara R. Rinfret, Michelle C. Pautz  


    5. Mentorship and Inclusive Teaching in Public Administration  

    Meghna Sabharwal  


    6. Teaching Effectively Online  

    Saman Afshan, Honey Minkowitz, Bruce D. McDonald III  


    7. How to Teach Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility  

    Sean A. McCandless, Mary E. Guy  


    8. Third Culture Professors  

    Kim Moloney, Mehmet Akif Demircioglu, Kohei Suzuki  


    Section II: Becoming Experts in the Craft  


    9. Becoming an Expert in the Craft  

    Norma M. Riccucci  


    10. Becoming an Expert Teacher: Turn it Inside Out  

    Rosemary O’Leary  


    11. Teaching with an Informed Mind and Relentless Curiosity  

    Stephen Page  


    12. Learning How to Teach, Teaching How to Learn  

    Camilla Stivers  


    13. Practicing Curiosity as an Instructor, a Scholar, and an Individual  

    William Hatcher  


    14. Becoming an Engaged Instructor in the MPA Classroom  

    Beth M. Rauhaus  


    15. Learning to Be a Teacher  

    Bruce D. McDonald III  


    16. Concluding Thoughts on the Craft of Teaching  

    William Hatcher, Beth M. Rauhaus, Bruce D. McDonald III  


    William Hatcher is Professor of Political Science and Public Administration and Chair of the Department of Social Sciences at Augusta University, USA. He serves as the co-editor of the Routledge series on Public Affairs Education. His research has appeared in journals such as the Journal of Public Affairs Education, Public Administration Review, American Journal of Public Health, and American Review of Public Administration. He is the author of The Curious Public Administrator (Routledge, 2022).

    Beth M. Rauhaus is Professor and Department Head in the Department of Political Science at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, USA.  She recently served as the MPA Program Coordinator at Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi. Much of her research explores gender representation, equity, and diversity in the public sector. She currently serves on the editorial board for the American Review of Public Administration, Journal of Public Affairs Education, Administrative Theory & Praxis, and Public Personnel Management.

    Bruce D. McDonald III is Professor of Public Budgeting and Finance and Director of the School of Public Service at Old Dominion University, USA. He also serves as the editor-in-chief of Public Administration, co-editor-in-chief of the Public Finance Journal, and editor of both Routledge’s Public Affairs Education Book Series and Routledge’s Public Budgeting and Finance Book Series. His research focuses on public budgeting and finance in the context of social equity budgeting and the fiscal health of local governments. His research has appeared in journals such as Journal of Public Administration Research and TheoryPublic Administration Review, and the American Review of Public Administration.

    “There has never been a more crucial time for us to teach at the apex of our expertise. The Craft of Teaching in Public Affairs delivers tangible, thought-provoking pedagogical insights for any good public affairs instructor who wants to be great. This is a must read for the modern classroom.”

    Hillary J. Knepper, Professor/Associate Provost for Student Success, Pace University, USA

    “This is an excellent resource for faculty interested in honing the craft of teaching Public Affairs. While there are journals that cover the topic, this outstanding book from respected public administration faculty across the globe condenses years of research knowledge about teaching public affairs into an easily accessible guide for faculty and graduate students. This is a must for PA faculty and Ph.D. programs in Public Affairs/Administration.”

    Doug Goodman, Professor & Director, School of Public Administration, University of Central Florida, USA

    The Craft of Teaching in Public Affairs fills a major gap in our knowledge about teaching in public affairs, an applied field that influences outcomes significant to societies worldwide. As I read the book, I warmed quickly to three features—its comprehensiveness, reliance on evidence, and inclusion of sage advice from award-winning public-affairs teachers. I am grateful to have this book in my collection. It is a great tool for learning about my most important role, teacher.”         

    James L. Perry, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Paul H. O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Indiana University, Bloomington, USA