1st Edition

The Crisis of Marxist Ideology in Eastern Europe The Poverty of Utopia

By Vladimir Tismaneanu Copyright 1988

    First published in 1988, The Crisis of Marxist Ideology in Eastern Europe states that since de-Stalinisation began in Eastern Europe, the ‘dead hand’ of institutional Marxism has been eroded by revisionist Marxism, with the turn to young Marx and the philosophy of human emancipation to undermine prevailing orthodoxies. But this revisionism clung to the old socialist dogmas and refused a total break with the system, and the effort eventually failed. The result was the emergence of a dissident counterculture rejecting the system entirely. Independent social movements (such as unofficial peace groups and trade unions like Solidarity) have given this counterculture a major role in Eastern Europe, whilst the ruling elites have responded with confusion. Tismaneanu concludes that the only hope for the anti-totalitarian intellectuals of Eastern Europe is to oppose the regimes with non-Marxist ideas – otherwise they will be permanently reduced to the status of a hopeless, albeit heroic minority. This book will be of interest to students of economics, political science and international relations.

    Acknowledgements Introduction 1. An Autopsy of Stalinism 2. Soviet Ideology and Eastern Europe 3. The Decay of Stalinism 4. The Search for Renewal 5. Poverty of Utopia 6. Reconstruction or Disintegration 7. From Criticism to Apostasy 8. Peace, Human Rights, Dissent 9. Neo-Stalinism and Reform Communism Epilogue Index


    Vladimir Tismaneanu