1st Edition

The Critical Twilight (Routledge Revivals)
Explorations in the Idoelogy of Anglo-American Literary Theory from Eliot to McLuhan

ISBN 9781138794504
Published December 7, 2015 by Routledge
330 Pages

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Book Description

First published in 1977, this book was the first to map extensively the ideological typography of the Anglo-American tradition of literary theory. It interrogates, comprehensively and in detail, the assumptions and categorical development within critical ideas from I. A. Richards and T. S. Eliot, through John Crowe Ransom and the New Criticism, to Northrop Frye and Marshall NcLuhan. This analysis reveals the Anglo-American tradition of literary-cultural theory is most properly intelligible within the overall field of social consciousness as an ideology of progressive cultural rationalization. Against a background of ideological development since nineteenth-century Romanticism, John Fekete illuminates the boundaries of literary ideology in relation to the shapes and changes of modern culture and society.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Raymond Williams;  Preface;  Acknowledgements;  Abbreviations;  Part I: General Introduction Structures and Genesis  1. Nineteenth-Century Problematics  2. Foundations of Modern Critical Theory  3. Paradigm in Motion;  Part II: John Crowe Ransom The Critical Theory of Defensive Reaction  4. Introduction to John Crowe Ransom  5. Fugitive and Post-Fugitive  6. Agrarianism  7. New Criticism  8. Conclusion to Ransom;  Part III: Northrop Frye The Critical Theory of Capitulation  9. Mythological Structuralism;  Part IV: Marshall McLuhan The Critical Theory of Counterrevolution  10. Introduction to McLuhan  11. Three Phases of Development  12. Technocratic ideology of One-Dimensionality  13. Conclusion to McLuhan;  Part V: General Conclusion Struggle  14. Politics of Cultural Ideology;  Appendices;  Notes;  Selected Bibliography;  Index

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