1st Edition

The Culture of Enterprise in Neoliberalism Specters of Entrepreneurship

By Tomas Marttila Copyright 2013
    264 Pages
    by Routledge

    264 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book provides an empirical study of the increasing importance of the concept of the entrepreneur in the context of the neoliberal cultural paradigm. Using the theoretical framework of the post-structural discourse theory and methods of qualitative discourse analysis, the book describes the changes in political discourse that resulted in the increasing dominance of the figure of the entrepreneur after the late 1980s.

    1. Specters of Entrepreneurship  2. The Culture of Enterprise  3. Discourse, Difference, Meaning  4. Political Discourse  5. Discourse Analysis  6. Liberal-Conservative Politics for Functioning Market Economy: 1991-1994  7. Social-Democratic Politics for Full Employment: 1994-1997  8. Securing the Welfare in the KBE: 1997-2004  9. The Specters of Entrepreneurship


    Tomas Marttila is Research Assistant and Lecturer at the Department of Sociology at University of Bamberg, Germany.

    “Marttila’s analysis paints an impressive picture both as regards its social-theoretical penetration and its methodical and empirical coverage of the subject matter. The work makes a substantial contribution to analyzing discourse strategies and brings methodical discussion in the field of discourse analysis a good step forward.”

    - Prof. Oliver Marchart, University of Lucerne, Switzerland

    “Marttila’s research is a real enrichment both for literature on discourse analysis and for literature on the change of welfare regimes. It proves in an exemplary way what discourse analysis is able to do. Looking at the results at hand, we have to establish that the author’s substantial penetration into the methodological and methodical foundations of discourse analysis have been really worthwhile.”

    - Prof. Richard Münch, University of Bamberg, Germany