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The Decrees of Memphis and Canopus: Vol. II (Routledge Revivals)
The Rosetta Stone

ISBN 9781138789753
Published November 4, 2015 by Routledge
212 Pages

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Book Description

This is the second of three volumes exploring some of the most remarkable insights into Ancient Egypt to have come to light in modern times. The first two volumes deal with the Rosetta Stone, an outstanding archaeological discovery which has supplied the basis for Egyptian decipherment; the final volume explores the "Stele of Canopus", discovered in 1866.

The significance of the Rosetta Stone lies in the three different languages inscribed on it: Koine Greek, Demotic Egyptian, and, crucially, Hieroglyphic. This has facilitated a vast increase in our understanding of the sacred language of Ancient Egypt, as well as enhancing our understanding of the nature of kingship at a time of immense cultural transformation.

First published in 1904, this title provides an accessible general introduction to this fascinating subject, useful for the amateur enthusiast as well as undergraduate students.

Table of Contents

1. The Fragments of the Last Fourteen Lines of the Hieroglyphic Text on the Rosetta Stone and their Equivalents in Greek Compared  2. Latin and French Translations of the Hieroglyphic Text of the Rosetta Stone:  I. Brugsch’s Latin Translation  II. Uhlemann’s Latin Translation  III. Chabas’ Translation  3. The Demotic Text of the Rosetta Stone  4. English Rendering of the Demotic Text of the Rosetta Stone;  Transliteration of the Demotic Text  5. German and French Translations of the Demotic Text of the Rosetta Decree:  I. Brugsch’s Translation  II. Révillout’s Translation  III. Hess’s Translation  6. The Greek Text of the Rosetta Stone;  English Rendering and Transcript  7. The Greek Text of the Rosetta Stone – in Uncials  8. English Translations of the Greek Text of the Rosetta Stone:  I. Plumtre’s Translation  II. Duane’s Translation  III. Porson’s Translation  9. French, Latin, German, and Italian Translations of the Greek Text of the Decree of Rosetta:  I. Letronne’s Translation  II. Heyne’s Translation  III. Bailey’s Translation  IV. Drumann’s Translation  V. Ricardi’s Translation

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