1st Edition

The Deeds of the Neapolitan Bishops A Critical Edition and Translation of the ‘Gesta Episcoporum Neapolitanorum’

Edited By Luigi Andrea Berto Copyright 2023
    226 Pages 2 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    In the early Middle Ages Naples underwent huge changes. She was able to acquire complete independence from the Byzantine Empire and to emerge as one of the major powers in southern Italy. Moreover, Naples avoided becoming part of the Frankish Empire, being subdued by the Lombards of southern Italy, and being attacked by the Muslims, who had conquered Sicily.

    The Deeds of the Neapolitan Bishops, the only medieval historical text composed in Naples before the 14th century, not only reports the biographies of the Neapolitan bishops during those centuries, but also describes the history of Naples and the relationships the Neapolitans had with their dangerous neighbors. This volume presents the analysis, Latin text, English translation, and historical commentary of this work, thus offering an important contribution for a better understanding of early medieval southern Italian (and Mediterranean) history.

    The book will appeal to scholars and students of chronicles, Naples, and Church history in early medieval Italy, as well as all those interested in medieval Europe and the Mediterranean.


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    The Deeds of the Neapolitan Bishops. First Part.

    John the Deacon, The Deeds of the Neapolitan Bishops

    Peter the Subdeacon, The Deeds of the Neapolitan Bishops

    Gesta episcoporum Neapolitanorum. . Prima pars.

    Iohannis Diaconi Gesta episcoporum Neapolitanorum

    Petri Subdiaconi Gesta episcoporum Neapolitanorum

    Index of Biblical Quotations

    Index Verborum



    Luigi Andrea Berto is professor of Medieval History at Western Michigan University, USA. His research focuses on Medieval Italy and the Mediterranean, with a special interest in the use of the past in the medieval and modern periods, and the relationships between Christians and Muslims.