1st Edition

The Digital Classroom Transforming the Way We Learn

By Ann S. Michaelsen Copyright 2021
    138 Pages 29 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    138 Pages 29 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The way students learn changes when they have access to digital tools. The Digital Classroom demonstrates that using technology to enhance students’ learning is not dependent on a specific learning management system or software – it is about changing the pedagogy with the help of an arsenal of useful tools and methods.

    This practical book introduces easy to use methods to all teachers in digital classrooms with the intention to make it simple, accessible, and achievable for everyone. It is not only about the tools, and the how and why, but also about changing the pedagogy making the learning more relevant to the students. When you open the classroom to the rest of the world, the teacher becomes more important than ever. Topics in the book include:

    • Technology and deeper learning
    • Social media in the global classroom
    • Building a personal learning network
    • The flipped classroom and cooperative learning
    • The use of iPads in primary and middle school
    • Teaching with videogames
    • Special education
    • Digital citizenship

    Digital tools can play a key role in making learning happen and what the teachers know about the use of technology is key. The Digital Classroom will be of great interest to teachers and trainee teachers who wish to develop their digital competency by using the book as part of their professional learning.

    Introduction: A significant change in teaching and learning

    Chapter 1: Learning in the digital classroom

    Chapter 2: Digital Tools for the classroom

    Chapter 3: Social media in the global classroom

    Chapter 4: Tablet PCs in primary and middle school

    Chapter 5: Cooperative learning

    Chapter 6: The flipped classroom

    Chapter 7: Teaching with video games

    Chapter 8: Digital citizenship

    Chapter 9: Special needs education

    Chapter 10: The digital classroom: what is the insight from contemporary educational research?


    Ann S. Michaelsen is a school administrator at Sandvika High School in Oslo. She has more than 25 years of experience of teaching with technology and was a school leader from 2006, starting a school that pioneered 1:1 laptops for 900 students. Ann is currently also working part time at the University of Oslo, Department for Research, Innovation and Competence Development.

    ‘Ann Michaelsen’s insightful book gives a terrific overview, as well as specifics, about how education is being transformed in the new, post-pandemic era. This book will give you great ideas for both classroom and administrator perspectives on improving outreach to students online.’

    Barbara Ann Oakley, Professor of Engineering, Oakland University, USA

    ‘Teachers will never be replaced by technology. But after COVID-19, teachers who don't use some technology will be replaced by ones who do. Ann Michaelsen's timely book gets beyond the divided opinions of digital technologies in the classroom to set out, from a teacher's and leader's perspective, a level-headed look at when and how technology can and does enhance learning, and when it can be a distraction or get in the way. Thoughtful, practical, and magnificently sensible, this is a book that educators will not want to put down once they start it.’

    Andy Hargreaves, Visiting Professor, University of Ottawa, Canada

    ‘The best part about this book is that the author has put in her own experiences on how she herself has used technology as an effective tool for teaching and learning, and therefore it's like a very helpful guide for those who argue that technology doesn't help and also for those who want to use it more effectively as educators or as learners.’

    Shakeel Ahmad, Co-founder Mind Mingle, India

    ‘Ann is a global role model for workable pedagogical approaches to online learning and technology use in the classroom. Her perspective and knowledge comes from vast experience as a global educator and collaborator in the classroom and beyond. Her ability to blend curriculum-based ideas with pedagogy with technology results in pages of sage advice, tips, strategies and practical applications to the classroom. This book therefore is a vital addition to an educator's professional library. The focus on both tools and pedagogy provides an essential bridge into teaching and learning modes that are digital, online and networked. In today's chaotic education landscape, being digital and going online is now part of the learning environment in every classroom. There are no excuses left, and nowhere to hide, every teacher must upskill and become confident in digital-first learning, and this book leads the way in supporting that requirement.’

    Julie Lindsay, Associate Director, Digital Learning Innovation, University of Southern Queensland, Australia

    ‘The global pandemic has hit education like an earthquake, with aftershocks continuing to rattle expectations of what school should be. Teachers, students, and parents have all had to reconsider when, where, and how learning happens. The digital classroom--long a goal of edtech pioneers--has become a necessity. By sharing lessons learned, this book from Ann Michaelsen will help us seize the opportunity for lasting transformation of teaching and learning.’

    Suzie Boss, Author of Reinventing Project-Based Learning, 3rd Edition