1st Edition

The Disintegration of the Soviet Economic System

Edited By Michael Ellman, Vladimir Kontorovich Copyright 1992

    The Disintegration of the Soviet Economic System (1992) examines in detail the collapse of the Soviet economic system, and is set in its political context, both international and domestic. The collapse is looked at from a macroeconomic point of view, both real and financial, as well as from a mesoeconomic viewpoint, with chapters on such important sectors such as agriculture and the railways. Because the USSR is such a large country it is also looked at in a regional perspective, with chapters on Central Asia and the allocation of investment between republics, and attention is also paid to the welfare of the population, their health and the development of their consumption, and the environment and technical progress.

    1. Overview Michael Ellman and Vladimir Kontorovich  Part 1. Economics, Politics and Society  2. The Soviet Economy and International Politics Russell Bova  3. Social and Moral Aspects of the Crisis: Their Sources and Consequences Iurii Levada  Part 2. Macroeconomic Developments  4. Economic Growth in the 1980s Grigorii Khanin  5. Soviet Consumption in the 1980s: A Tale of Woe Gertrude E. Schroeder  6. Money in the 1980s: From Disequilibrium to Collapse Michael Ellman  Part 3. Regions and Sectors  7. The Central Asian Economy in Comparative Perspective Alastair McAuley  8. Allocation of Investment among Soviet Republics in the 1980s John P. Burkett  9. The Railroads Vladimir Kontorovich  10. Agriculture‚Äôs Role in the Soviet Economic Crisis Edward C. Cook  11. Technological Progress and Research and Development Vladimir Kontorovich  Part 4. Quality of Life  12. The Environment: From Stagnation to Collapse Zeev Wolfson  13. Health W. Ward Kingkade


    Michael Ellman and Vladimir Kontorovich