1st Edition

The Dynamics of Vehicles on Roads and on Tracks Proceedings of the 13th IAVSD Symposium

Edited By Z.Y. Shen Copyright 1994

    This book develops a continuous look-ahead preview control scheme and applies the scheme to the well known quarter car model. It particularly focuses on the active and semi-active control of the vehicle systems.

    1. Active Suspension with Preview Control 2. Quasi Static Derailment of a Railway Vehicle, Comparison between Ex-perimental and Simulation Results 3. Use of a Model Reduction Procedure to Speed up Time Domain Simula-tions of Rail Vehicles 4. Kinematics and Dynamics of Ski-Tracked Vehicles 5. Synthesis of Control to Improve Lateral Dynamics of Railway Vehicles 6. Vehicle Handling Case Studies: An on/off road vehicle and a 16t truck 7. Interaction between Railroad Superstructure and Railway Vehicles 8. Traction Control for Front—Wheel-Drive Vehicles 9. Modelling and Simulation of the Hunting of a Three-Piece Railway Truck on NRC Curved Track Simulator 10. Dynamical Measurements in Vehicles by Transputer Technology 11. Predictive Analyses of the Performance of a Headway Control System for Heavy Commercial Vehicles 12. Wheel/Rail Contact Forces for Flexible versus Solid Wheels due to Tread Irregularities 13. Second Generation Approaches to Active and Semi-Active Suspension Con-trol System Design 14. Drive-Vehicle-Environment Closed-Loop Simulation of Handling and Sta-bility Using Fuzzy Control Theory 15. The Selection of Optimum Vehicle Parameters Based on the Pilot-Vehicle Directional Stability 16. Stability Criteria and Objective Evaluation of a Drive-Vehicle System for Driving in Lane Change and against Cross wind 17. Dynamic Coupling in Vehicles under Automatic Control 18. A Discrete-continuous Track-model for Wheelset Rolling over Short Wave-length Sinusoidal Rail Irregularities 19. The Numerical Bifurcation Method of Nonlinear Lateral Stability Analysis of a Locomotive 20. Different Lateral Dynamic Operating Conditions of a Railway Vehicle Fit-ted with Independently Rotating Wheels 21. On a Certain Method of Examining Stability of Mathematical Models of Railway Vehicles with Disturbances Occurring in Real Objects 22. Progress in Integrated System Analysis and Design Software for Controlled Vehicles 23. Active and Semi-Active System for Optimisation of Bogie Vehicle Primary and Secondary Suspensions in the Lateral Plane 24. An Investigation of Active Roll Control of Heavy Road Vehicles 25. A Comparison of Driver Steering Activity during Motion on an Even and Uneven Road Surface 26. An Integrated Dynamic Simulation of Metro Vehicles in a Real Operating Environment 27. Full Scale Roller Rig Simulation for Railway Vehicles 28. Integrated Control of Lateral Vehicle Dynamics 29. Running through a Switch - Simulation and Test 30. Development and Experimental Validation of Advanced Dynamic Vehicle Simulation (ADVS) 31. Curving and Stability Analysis of Self-steering Bogies having a Variable Yaw Constraint 32. On the Ride Comfort Benefits available from Road Preview with Slow-active Car Suspensions 33. Improvement on Limit Performance of Vehicle Motion by Chassis Control 34. Rail Inclination, Wheelset Rolling Line Offset and Side-Cutting 35. Dynamics of Unsymmetric Suspension Trucks with Semi-active Control 36. An Alternate Control Algorithm for the Four-Wheel-Steering Vehicles 37. Parameter Study of Hunting and Chaos in Railway Vehicle Dynamics 38. Semi-Active Control of Vibration and Attitude of Vehicles 39. Dynamic Stability of Articulated and Steered Railway Vehicles Guided by Lateral Displacement Feedback 40. A Study of the High Speed Passenger Bogie Utilizing the Full Scale Roller Testing Rig 41. Handling Analysis of Automobile Travelling in Jack-Up Attitude 42. Tyre Models for the Study of in-plane Dynamics 43. The Dynamic Simulation of Vehicle-Bridge Interactions Using Bond Graph Technique 44. A Detailed Model for Investigating Vertical Interaction between Railway Vehicle and Track


    Z.Y. Shen (Edited by)