1st Edition

The East European Revolution

By Hugh Seton-watson Copyright 1985

    This book describes the recent history of Eastern Europe, especially since 1941. It also describes the process by which the East European communists obtained power and analyses the regime they have established, showing the impact of this regime on the social classes and on the citizen.

    Preface to the Second Edition -- Preface to the Third Edition -- Introduction -- Note on Proper Names -- Background -- The Social Structure -- Parties and Politics -- War -- The Conquest of Eastern Europe -- The Axis New Order -- The Axis Satellites -- The Resistance Movements -- Great and Small Allies -- Sovietisation -- The Seizure of Power -- Economic Recovery and Planning -- Social and Religious Policy -- Political Power -- The Greek Exception -- International Problems -- Since Stalin -- East and West -- Bibliographical Note -- Epilogue to the Encore Edition


    Hugh Seton-Watson