1st Edition

The Economic Problems of Europe Pre-War and After

By M. Philips Price Copyright 1928
    220 Pages
    by Routledge

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    First Published in 1928 The Economic Problems of Europe presents a comprehensive overview of the economic and political transformation of Europe since the First World War. European and world problems often tend to be looked upon from the political, diplomatic, naval, or military aspect. Morgan Philips Price attempted to add the economic background and to show the connection between the political rearrangements since the First World War and the material needs of society, markets of the industrialist, the wages of the workman, and the loans of the bankers. He argued that with the growing internationalization of the world economy, the old map of the world is obsolete and the new one, if it is based on frontiers of finance and industry, will be something very different. This book is an essential read for scholars and researchers of economic history, war history, political economy, British economic history and European history.

    Author’s Preface Foreword by The Right Hon. Sidney Webb, M.P. 1. Past Crises in English Industrial History 2. Early Phase of British Capital Investments; England A Debtor State 3. British Capital Exports in the Nineteenth Century; England A Creditor State 4. British Capital Exports on the Eve of the War 5. Growth of Capital Export in New Areas of Accumulation: France and Germany 6. French and German Foreign Investments and their Areas of Impingement 7. Russo- Austrian Caesarism in Eastern Europe 8. The Economic Settlement at the Close of the War 9. Post-War Attempt to Solve Production Crisis 10. Post-War Attempt to Solve the Debt Problem 11. Colonial Developments Since the War – Possible and Prospective 12. The New Industrial Revolution and the Home Market 13. Progress by Evolution or Catastrophe? Index


    M. Philips Price