200 Pages
    by Routledge

    200 Pages
    by Routledge

    Originally published in 1994, The Economics of the Tropical Timber Trade provides a detailed analysis of the economic linkages between the trade and forest degradation. Based on a report prepared for the ITTO, it looks current and future market conditions at the time of publication, and assesses the impacts on current and future market conditions, and assesses the impacts on tropical forests of both the international timber trade and domestic demand. The authors examine the causes of deforestation and compare the environmental impacts of the timber trade with other factors, such as the conversion of the forests to agriculture. Finally, they assess the national and international trade policy options, and discuss the potential role of interventions in the international timber trade in promoting efficient and sustainable use of forest resources. The book will be of interest to those concerned with forest management and policy, trade and environment, and with the economics of conversation and resource use.

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    1 Introduction

    2. Tropical Forest Resources and International Trade

    3. The Timber Trade and Tropical Deforestation

    4. The Market for Tropical Timber Products

    5. Tropical Forest Policies and the Environment

    6. Domestic Market and Policy

    7. Trade Interventions in Exporting Countries

    8. Trade Interventions in Importing Countries

    9. Measures for the Sustainable uses of Forests

    10. Assessment of Trade Policy Options





    Edward Barbier (Author) ,  Joanne Burgess (Author) ,  Joshua Bishop (Author) ,  Bruce Aylward (Author