1st Edition

The Electrophysiology of Neuroendocrine Cells

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ISBN 9780849324772
Published August 21, 1995 by CRC Press
384 Pages 3 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

The Electrophysiology of Neuroendocrine Cells explores the role of electrical activity in neuroendocrine cells in stimulus-secretion coupling, sensory mechanisms, and intercellular communication. This comprehensive and concise handbook includes introductory material on the ontogenesis and classification of the neuroendocrine system and describes general electrical properties, voltage-gated ion channels, and the pharmacology of ion channels. By focusing on functional aspects, The Electrophysiology of Neuroendocrine Cells provides research scientists, physicians, and students with a basic understanding of neuroendocrine cells and their similarity to neurones, as well as their relationship to thyroid- or steroid-hormone secreting endocrine cells.
The multidisciplinary nature of this book provides readers with a broad perspective on the electrical properties of neuroendocrine cells, and the combination of general information and specialized information makes the book accessible to beginning and advanced readers alike.

Table of Contents

Development and Classification
From the APUD to the Neuroendocrine Systems: A Developmental Perspective, N.M. LeDouarin
Classification of Neuroendocrine Cells, G. Ahnert-Hilger, H. Scherübl, E.-O. Riecken, and B. Wiedenmann
General Principles
Electrical Activity and Stimulus-Secretion Coupling in Neuroendocrine Cells, W. Schlegel and P. Mollard
Electrical Activity and Intercellular Communication in Neuroendocrine Cells, E. Rojas, D. Mears, R.M. Santos, and I. Atwater
Hypothalamus and Pituitary Gland
Electrical Activity, Osmosensitivity, and Neuromodulation of Hypothalamic Supraoptic and Paraventricular Neurosecretory Cells, L.P. Renaud and B. Hu
Electrophysiology of Anterior Pituitary Cells, B.J. Corrette, C.K. Bauer, and J.R. Schwarz
Thyroid and Parathyroid Glands
Voltage-Dependent Calcium Channels and Extracellular Calcium Sensing in C Cells of the Thyroid, F. Raue, J. Hescheler, and H. Scherübl
Extracellular Calcium Sensing in Parathyroid Cells, A. Tanini, H. Scherübl, and M.L. Brandi
Electrical Activity and Secretion of Atrial Natriuretic Factor from Atrial Heart Cells, G. Christensen
Pancreas and Gastrointestinal Tract
Electrophysiology of Pancreatic Islet Cells, F.M. Ashcroft and P. Rorsman
Electrical Activity and Serotonin Secretion from Enterochromaffin Cells, K. Racké, H. Schwörer, and A. Reimann
Adrenal and Juxtaglomerular Cells
Electrical Properties of Adrenal Chromaffin Cells, A.R. Artalejo
Ion Channels and Renin Secretion from Juxtaglomerular Cells, H. Osswald and U. Quast
Neuroendocrine Cells in Other Organs
The Physiology and Ion Channels of the Merkel Cell, N. Akaike and Y. Yamashita
Electrical Activity and Hormone Secretion in Sertoli Cells, P. Grasso and L.E. Reichert, Jr.
Carotid Body Type I Cells
Oxygen Sensitive Neurosecretion of Carotid Body Type I Cells, H. Acker and J. Hescheler

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