The Emerging Self: A Developmental,.Self, And Object Relatio : A Developmental Self & Object Relations Approach To The Treatment Of The Closet Narcissistic Disorder of the Self book cover
1st Edition

The Emerging Self: A Developmental,.Self, And Object Relatio
A Developmental Self & Object Relations Approach To The Treatment Of The Closet Narcissistic Disorder of the Self

ISBN 9781138005006
Published December 22, 2014 by Routledge
340 Pages

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Book Description

At last, this much?awaited volume sheds substantial light on one of the most difficult disorders to diagnose and treat: the closet narcissistic disorders of the self. The third of a series on the disorders of the self, and the first written by Dr. Masterson since 1985, the book fills a crucial niche in his work and in the field of personality disorders. It describes not only the psychopathology and treatment of this disorder but, more importantly, demonstrates the key dynamic of the disorders of the self triad: self activation leads to anxiety and depression, which leads to defense. This is the central dynamic of all the disorders of the self, and its particular manifestations in the closet narcissistic personality disorder are described along with the therapeutic techniques required to identify and manage it. The volume succeeds in clarifying a great deal of the clinical confusion surrounding the disorder, and addresses such questions as: What does the clinical picture look like? What is the reason for the diagnostic confusion? How does one resolve it? What other disorders does this disorder mimic? How do you differentiate it from the borderline and/or schizoid disorders of the self? What are some possible etiologic factors? What precipitates a clinical syndrome? What is the intrapsychic structure of this disorder, and how does it compare with other disorders? What is the central psychodynamic? What is a mirroring interpretation of narcissistic vulnerability, and why is it the intervention of choice? What is projective identification, and why is it so important to countertransference reactions to these patients? The Emerging Self offers a clear, down to earth, hands?on presentation of interest to all therapists students, teachers, and practitioners. It will enable the therapist to identify what emotional issues are on center stage, understand how to deal with it, and also how to evaluate the results of his or her efforts. Beyond that, it will illustrate the variations in countertransference that occur as a result of projective identification. Above all, the volume will take its substantial place alongside Psychotherapy of the Borderline Adult and The Real Self as one of the three pillars of Dr. Masterson's whole theoretical approach.

Table of Contents

The Clinical Picture. The Clinical Picture A Chameleon. A Developmental, Self, and Object Relations Theory. Differential Diagnosis. Psychotherapy. Therapeutic Neutrality, Therapeutic Frame, Therapeutic Stance, and Therapeutic Task. The Disembodied Heart and the Latchkey Child. The Guru and the Bed of Pain. The Prostitute and the Game. The Puppet on a String  and the Whim of Iron. Countertransferences and Projective Identification. Countertransference and Projective I: Overview. Countertransference and Projective Identification II: Clinical Example: Defensive Fusion Evokes Directiveness. Countertransference and Projective Identification III: Clinical Examples: Too Much Activity and Direction; Distancing.

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