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    The Emotionally Focused Therapist Training Set offers two valuable products, Becoming an Emotionally Focused Couple Therapist: The Workbook and The Casebook at a discount of 10%. Written primarily by Sue Johnson, the originator of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), her Workbook is an accessible resource for training and supervision and contains contributions from seven expert therapists who lead the reader through the nine essential steps of EFT. This interactive Workbook provides an easy road-map to mastering the art of EFT with exercises, review sheets, and practice materials.
    The Emotionally Focused Casebook, edited by James Furrow, Sue Johnson, and Brent Bradley, picks up where the Workbook leaves off and discusses specialized treatment approaches to a variety of presenting conditions. Appropriate for clinicians, supervisors, students, and scholars, each chapter in this book is unified by a discussion of how attachment processes provide both a resource and a point of intervention in promoting a greater resiliency in the face of physical and psychological challenges. The contributors use a hands-on case study approach to provide concrete guidance and illustrate the application of EFT to couples dealing with issues such as depression, cancer, addiction, and infidelity. Together, these two books represent the most current and complete resource for any reader interested in Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy.

    Selected Contents: Becoming an Emotionally Focused Couple Therapist: The Workbook. Part I: Theoretical Overview and Summary of Interventions. Part II: The Treatment Process. Part III: Special Issues and Family Interventions. The Emotionally Focused Casebook. Part I: Foundations for Innovation. Part II: Application of Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy. Part III: Specific Treatment Populations and Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy.

    Praise for Becoming an Emotionally Focused Couple Therapist: The Workbook
    "Truly a masterpiece. Unlike most therapy manuals, it simultaneously draw the reader into the drama of couple therapy while maintaining strategic and technical clarity. Richly dense with options for useful intervention, this invaluable workbook brings the reader close to the action of doing therapy and being in therapy supervision. The Workbook will be a tremendous learning tool for anyone who works with couples." - Alan S. Gurman, PhD, Professor of Psychiatry, University of Wisconsin Medical School

    "This is an exceptionally useful book. It provides the kind of hands-on how to do it information that therapists need and look for. A wonderful resource either in conjunction with a training program or as part of a couple therapist's individual development. This workbook has great value not only for those who wish to become practitioners of EFT but also for all couple therapists." - Jay Lebow, PhD, ABPP, Associate Clinical Professor of Psychology, Northwestern University