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The Enlightenment World

About the Series

This series features monographs that take an innovative and challenging look at the political and intellectual history of the Enlightenment period. The richness of the Enlightenment experience makes it a significant topic for study. It had a profound impact on nearly every aspect of life during the long eighteenth century and many of its values are familiar to modern society. Some of the key themes that this series embraces include the scientific revolution; philosophical origins and progress of the Enlightenment; high and popular culture; the political impact of the Enlightenment; and its comparative impact in a broad European context.

Series Editor:          Michael T Davis (Griffith University)

Series Co-Editors:  Jack Fruchtman (Towson University)
                                 Kevin Gilmartin (Caltech)
                                 Jon Mee (University of York)

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The Enlightenment World 1–10

The Enlightenment World 1–10

1st Edition

June 14, 2010

Contains the first ten books from the series....

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