1st Edition

The Entomology Of Indigenous And Naturalized Systems In Agriculture

    This book highlights some agriculturally important plants and their associated arthropod complexes with a biological, as well as an agricultural, perspective. It discusses how limited knowledge of entomology may be used to enhance management of pest species in cultivated sunflower.

    Dedication -- Preface -- Entomology of Indigenous Helianthus Species and Cultivated Sunflowers -- Entomology of Crucifers and Agriculture—Diversification of the Agroecosystem in Relation to Pest Damage in Cruciferous Crops -- Entomology and Horticulture of Muscadine Grapes -- Entomology of the Strawberry -- Entomology of Rabbiteye Blueberries, Vaccinium ashei Reade, in Southeastern United States -- Entomology of Johnsongrass/Sorghum/Sorghum Midge and Agriculture -- Sorghum-Corn-Johnsongrass and Banks Grass Mite: A Model for Biological Control in Field Crops -- Rice Insect Pests and Agricultural Change -- Entomology of Wheat -- Pecan Domestication and Pecan Arthropods


    Marvin K. Harris, Charlie E. Rogers