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    Now in its 65th edition, The Europa World of Learning is one of the world's leading reference works. Updated to the highest editorial standards, entries are sourced directly from the organizations to ensure accurate and reliable information. The accreditation status of every university and college is verified before its entry is approved.

    Every type of academic institution is covered, including over:

    7,800 universities and colleges

    5,800 research institutes

    3,400 museums and art galleries

    5,000 learned societies

    3,600 libraries and archives

    850 regulatory and representative bodies

    Separate chapters for countries from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe each feature an introductory survey of the country's higher education system. A separate section covers international organizations concerned with higher education and scholarship.

    New essays feature each year on themes around international and comparative higher education. Subscribers may download these online at www.worldoflearning.com alongside an archive of essays from past editions.

    Part 1: Introductory Essays  Universities as the ‘Critics and Conscience of Society’: The Challenges and Threats to Academic Freedom and University Autonomy in Today’s Higher Education Sector Sally Varnham and Jim Jackson.  Free Speech, Academic Freedom and Human Being Dennis Hayes.  Academics’ Copyright: A Pillar of Academic Freedom Michael Fraser.  Performanced-based Research Funding and Academic Freedom: An Oxymoron? Petra Butler.   Quality Assurance and Academic Freedom with Emphasis on Transnational Education Jim Jackson.  The Constitutional Imperative for Academic Freedom in South Africa John Higgins2: International Organizations  Part 3: Afghanistan - Myanmar  Part 4: Namibia - Zimbabwe


    Europa publications have long been regarded as premier reference resources, providing authoritative political and economic data for every country and region of the world, biographical profiles of the most influential global figures in every field, including politics, science, business, academia, the arts and the media, and unrivalled access to information on universities, libraries and other academic institutions world-wide.

    Available in print and online, Europa's principal titles, The Europa World Year Book,The Europa Regional Surveys of the World, The International Who's Who and The Europa World of Learning, serve the contemporary research needs of students, academics and information-seekers in specialist and general reference libraries, government offices and commercial institutions in every country.

    ‘If a library does not have The World of Learning it does not belong to the world of learning.’World Affairs Report

    ‘The best single reference book on international scholarship.’The Times Literary Supplement

    ‘The World of Learning should be made available in every library, in every country.’Middle East Business Review

    ‘This is by far the best international directory on the subject.’American Reference Books Annual