The Evolution of Metabolic Function  book cover
1st Edition

The Evolution of Metabolic Function

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ISBN 9780849388637
Published May 20, 1992 by CRC Press
352 Pages

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Book Description

The Evolution of Metabolic Function presents comprehensive discussions on a variety of topics that will interest scientists and students studying the evolution of enzyme activities, the evolution of enzymatic pathways, and the evolution and development of metabolic functions. Laboratory experiments designed to develop new enzyme activities and new metabolic pathways are discussed. The most recent techniques comparing protein and gene structures are used to analyze and discuss the evolution and development of such metabolic functions as the bacterial phosphoenolpyruvate:sugar phosphotransferase system, the mandelate pathway of microorganisms, bacterial alcohol metabolism, and certain microbial amino acid biosynthetic pathways. The book also includes some unique speculations regarding the origin of early Archaean cells and the prebiotic evolution of complex molecules.

Table of Contents

Experiments in the Evolution of Catabolic Pathways Using Modern Bacteria (Robert P. Mortlock and Mark Gallo). Natural and Experimentally Evolved Pathways for the Utilization of D-Arabinose in Enteric Bacteria (Joanne Bartkus and Robert P. Mortlock). The Development of a Catabolic Pathway for Ethylene Glycol (Juan Aguilar and Laura Baldomá). Evolution of a-Aminoadipate Pathway for the Synthesis of Lysine in Fungi (J.K. Bhattacharjee). Common Ancestry of Escherichia coli Pyruvate Oxidase and the Acetohydroxy Acid Synthase of the Branched-Chain Amino Acid Biosynthetic Pathway (Ying-Ying Chang). Evolution of Bacterial Alcohol Metabolism (David P. Clark). Microbial Metabolism of Mandelate: Occurrence, Function, Properties and Evolution of Mandelate Dehydrogenases and Other Enzymes of the Mandelate Pathway (Charles A. Fewson). Evolution of the Bacterial Phosphoenolpyruvate:Sugar Phosphotransferase System. Section I. Physiological and Organismic Considerations (Antonio H. Romano and Milton H. Saier, Jr.). Section II. Molecular Considerations (Milton H. Saier, Jr., Aiala Reizer, Gerald M. Pao, Jonathan Reizer, and Antonio H. Romano). An Emerging Outline of the Evolutionary History of Aromatic Amino Acid Biosynthesis (Roy A. Jensen). Life Before DNA: The Origin and Early Evolution of Early Archaean Cells (G.E. Fox, and J. Oro). The Prebiotic Evolution of Complex Molecules: A Central Role for Catalyzed Lysis (Kenneth Petren and Christopher Wills).

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