1st Edition

The Evolution of Personality Assessment in the 21st Century Understanding the People who Understand People

Edited By Christopher J. Hopwood Copyright 2022
    424 Pages 41 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    424 Pages 41 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This edited volume provides readers with a deeper knowledge of the growth of personality assessment in North America over the past 40 years through the autobiographies of its most notable figures.

    Experts provide insights into their professional backgrounds, training experiences, their contributions and approaches to personality assessment, their perceptions of current trends, and their predictions about the future of the field. Each chapter explores topics of deep significance to the writer, fluidly intertwining theory and personal narrative.

    Beginning clinicians, scholars, and students will gain a better understanding of the major empirical advances that were made during the last generation regarding key questions about the nature of people, the structure of personality traits, and the connections between personality and mental health.

    1. Understanding People who Understand People

    Christopher J. Hopwood

    2. The Development of Therapeutic Assessment: From Shame and Isolation to Connection and Love

    Stephen E. Finn

    3. Personality: The Heart of the Matter

    Donna S. Bender

    4. My Hobby: Listening for the MMPI’s Questions

    David S. Nichols

    5. My Journey to the Assessment Land

    Ety Berant

    6. The Sands of Identity Keep Shifting: Late-Life Career Developments

    Irving B. Weiner

    7. Reports of my Being an Extravert Are Greatly Exaggerated

    Virginia Brabender

    8. Thoughts from a Contrarian Generalist: A Roundabout Journey to Where I am Now

    Robert F. Bornstein

    9. An Overdetermined Life in Psychoanalysis

    Nancy McWilliams

    10. Influences and Inspirations

    Robert P. Archer

    11. It Takes a Village to Raise an MMPI Author

    Yossef S. Ben-Porath

    12. A Long Life: Twists and Turns

    Phebe Cramer

    13. Thomas A. Widiger: Personality Assessment

    Thomas A. Widiger

    14. Evolving Convictions through Dogged Pursuit of Answers and Large Dollops of Luck: My Piece in the World of Personality and Psychopathology Assessment

    Lee Anna Clark

    15. My Journey to Become a Clinical Psychologist

    Roger L. Greene

    16. From Stable Traits to Spinning Vectors: A Measurement Driven Journey

    D.S. Moskowitz

    17. A Brief History of "Me"

    Lorna Smith Benjamin

    18. The Numbers and the Story

    Leslie C. Morey

    19. Circle Songs and Sands of Time

    Aaron L. Pincus


    Dr. Christopher J. Hopwood is Professor of Personality Psychology at the University of Zurich. He is a fellow and former board member of the Society for Personality Assessment and Associate Editor of the Journal of Personality Assessment and the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

    "Hopwood has assembled a fascinating array of stories from personality assessment luminaries about their personal and professional shaping influences, their life- and career trajectories.  In essence, these are gifts of generativity.  This treasure chest of narratives will inspire future generations of personality assessors to find their visions and carve out their unique paths." 

    -Radhika Krishnamurthy, PsyD, ABAP; Clinical Psychology Professor, Florida Institute of Technology; Former President, Society for Personality Assessment 

    "People who understand people know that scientists are not inert ingredients in their research. Chris Hopwood has curated a master list of the most accomplished and influential living personality assessment scientists and practitioners to share their professional journeys, which have left an indelible mark on the field. The result is a brightly illuminating volume that will be a must read for those who want to understand how we come to understand people."

    -Aidan Wright, PhD; Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Pittsburgh