1st Edition

The Facet Preservation Collection 2

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ISBN 9781783301119
Published June 7, 2016 by Facet Publishing
1640 Pages


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Book Description

The Facet Preservation Collection 2 includes eight books written by leading academics and practitioners containing cutting-edge information and practical guidance on preservation for libraries, archives and museums.

The books included in the Collection are:

Practical Digital Preservation

A how-to guide for organizations of any size

Adrian Brown

Winner of the 2014 Digital Preservation Award for Teaching and Communications

"Comprehensive and accessible ... The greatest strength of Brown's work is his ability to break complex processes down in such a way as they can be easily understood and accomplished. This is further aided by his providing readers with numerous exemplars that fit institutions of a variety of sizes and missions. Likewise, his helping his readers take a close look at their own needs, experience, and context before they move forward into digital preservation establishes a strong foundation for their own preservation work."

- Journal of Library Innovation

Preserving Our Heritage

Perspectives from antiquity to the digital age

Edited by Michele V Cloonan

"There is a good balance between the historic roots of preservation and contemporary challenges surrounding digital preservation ... A sound investment for anyone seeking an overview of the field of preservation."

- Library Journal

Preserving Archives, 2nd edition

Helen Forde and Jonathan Rhys-Lewis

"…a welcome update…The vast practical experience of the two authors clearly enriches the text. Archivists and librarians will find it a great tool to turn to for high level preservation advice, and for students it will provide a good broad overview of the varied issues facing collections."

- Business Archives

Preservation Management for Libraries, Archives and Museums

Edited by G E Gorman and Sydney J Shep

"…the book is an interesting and worthwhile read for, as it said on its cover, "anyone working in the library, archive, museum and heritage sectors."

- Journal of Documentation

Digital Curation, 2nd edition

Edited by Gillian Oliver and Ross Harvey

Review of the previous edition:

"Harvey shares his wealth of knowledge in a simple-to-read text and provides ample resources for those who want to learn more... Digital Curation is an extremely useful work that should be read by multiple audiences. It will help archivists and librarians understand digital curation; it can be used by educators to explain digital curation to aspiring archivists and librarians; and it provides a strong framework for archivists and librarians who are responsible for curating digital materials. Harvey's manual provides an important reference resource to archival and library communities and should be mandated reading for professionals tasked with curating digital content."

- Archival Issues

Digital Preservation

Edited by Marilyn Deegan and Simon Tanner

"The editors can be praised for bringing together essays highlighting the economic decisions on which preservation is based The book provides ample guidance to choosing a strategic approach to technology and metadata, and offers more than 60 case studies for reference."

- Information World Review

Preparing Collections for Digitization

Anna E Balow and Jess Ahmon

"A practical approach is at the heart of this publication. How to evaluate the nature and extent of physical damage of collection items? What are the possible ways to deal with document formats and fastenings to achieve good imaging quality without compromising preservation objectives? What equipment should be selected to reach both digital imaging and preservation goals? How a digital imaging workflow should be organised to accommodate document preparation and conservation tasks? These are just several examples of questions addressed in different chapters. The extensive experience of both authors in digitising and preserving heritage collections at the National Archives of the United Kingdom and the case studies presented in all chapters add more value to this publication."

- The Electronic Library

Preserving Complex Digital Objects

Edited by Janet Delve and David Anderson

"Ensuring long term access and usability of complex digital objects is of critical importance to the future of nearly every area of arts, culture, the humanities and the sciences. With that noted, to date there is a surprisingly small amount of basic and applied research and scholarship that explicitly engages with issues in this area. To this end, the 25 essays in Preserving Complex Digital Objects are invaluable as documentation and presentation work on this topic."

- Journal of Academic Librarianship