1st Edition

The Faith of an Artist

Edited By John Wilson Copyright 1962

    First published in 1962, The Faith of an Artist presents assembled personal statements of more than twenty men of creative genius in the present generation- poets, painters, architects and dramatists, novelists, and composers. These are all men of acknowledged eminence in their field: Graham Greene and Picasso, Cocteau, Vaughan Williams, and Le Corbusier speak directly to us of their lives, their artistic endeavours, and their personal creeds. From their statement the reader may not only gain insight into the inspiration which has fired them and the struggles which they have faced, but also be made aware of the personal and social beliefs of men whose creative desires have forced them to think out of their position in relation to society. Their criticism- often radical- is highly relevant not only to the artistic media in which they have accomplished so much, but to the society in which we all live. This book is an essential read for students of literature and Art.

    Preface 1. Robert Graves from the Crowning Privilege 2. C. Day Lewis from A Hope for Poetry 3. John Masefield from So Long to Learn 4. Stephen Spender from World Within World 5. Arthur Miller from Introduction to Collected Plays 6. Sean O’Casey from Sunset to Evening Star 7. Jean Cocteau from La Difficulte d’ Etre 8. Graham Greene from Why do I Write? 9. C. S. Lewis from Surprised by Joy 10. Somerset Maugham from A Writer’s Notebook 11. Paul Hindemith from a Composer’s World 12. Leopold Stokowski from Music for All of Us 13. Igor Stravinsky from Poetics of Music 14. Vaughan Williams from National Music 15. Paul Klee from Klee on Modern Art 16. Pablo Picasso from Picasso – Fifty years of His Art 17. Jacob Epstein from Let There be Sculpture 18. Eric Gill from Art Nonsense and Other Essays 19. Walter Gropius from the New Architecture 20. Bernard Leach from A Potter’s Book 21. Le Corbusier from The Four Routes


    John Wilson