The Fascist Challenge and the Policy of Appeasement  book cover
1st Edition

The Fascist Challenge and the Policy of Appeasement

ISBN 9781032081113
Published November 22, 2021 by Routledge
448 Pages

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Book Description

This book, first published in 1983, illustrates the domestic and internal dimension of appeasement and explores the political options open to the western powers in the run up to the Second World War. It looks at the factors pointing in the direction of a general settlement with the dictators: limitation of resources and strategic over-commitment by Britain; economic decline and financial exhaustion of France; lack of support from the United States and the Soviet Union.

Table of Contents

Foreword Wolfgang J. Mommsen  Part 1. Fascist Aggression and the West  1.1. The Crisis of the European Political Order  1. The European Civil War Donald C. Watt  2. The Failure of Collective Security in British Appeasement R.A.C. Parker  1.2. Foreign Policy Making in National Socialist Germany  3. Nazi Dynamics, German Foreign Policy and Appeasement Ronald M. Smelser  4. Conflicts Within the German Leadership on the Objectives and Tactics of German Foreign Policy, 1933–9 Wolfgang Michalka  5. The German Military Opposition Before the Second World War Klaus-Jürgen Müller  Part 2. Appeasement Policies in Great Britain  2.1. The Policy-Makers  6. Chamberlain and Appeasement Roy Douglas  7. Had Baldwin Resigned in 1936: A Speculative Essay Robert P. Shay, Jr  2.2. The Domestic Dimension  8. The Domestic Background to British Appeasement Policy Gustav Schmidt  9. The British Left and Appeasement: Political Tactics of Alternative Policies? Sabine Wichert  10. Keynes, the Economics of Rearmament and Appeasement G.C. Peden  11. ‘Economic Appeasement’ – A Crisis Strategy Bernd-Jürgen Wendt  2.3. The Strategic Dimension  12. The British Military Establishment and the Policy of Appeasement John Dunbabin  13. The Continental Commitment in British Strategy in the 1930s Brian Bond  Part 3. Appeasement and the European Powers  3.1. France’s Predicament  14. The Impact of the Economic Situation on the Foreign Policy of France, 1936–9 René Girault  15. Against Appeasement: French Advocates of Firmness, 1933–8 Maurice Vaïsse  16. The Decline of France and French Appeasement Policies, 1936–9 Robert Frankenstein  17. France and the Coming of War Anthony Adamthwaite  3.2. Italy and the Western Powers  18. Appeasement as a Factor in Mussolini’s Foreign Policy Denis Mack Smith  19. The Anglo–Italian Gentleman’s Agreement of January 1937 and its Aftermath Christopher Seton-Watson  3.3. Russia as a Factor in Appeasement Policies  20. Was There a Soviet Appeasement Policy? Lord Beloff  21. British Attitudes and Policies Towards the Soviet Union and International Communism, 1933–9 Gottfried Niedhart  22. British Perceptions of Soviet Military Capability, 1935–9 James S. Herndon  Part 4. Appeasement in Global Perspective  4.1. The British Commonwealth and the Japanese Threat  23. Britain, the Dominions and the Coming of the Second World War, 1933–9 Ritchie Ovendale  24. British Imperial Interests and the Policy of Appeasement Reinhard Meyers  25. The Road to Singapore: British Imperialism in the Far East, 1932–42 Wm Roger Louis  4.2. The United States and the Fascist Powers  26. The Ambiguities of Appeasement: Great Britain, the United States and Germany, 1937–9 Hans-Jürgen Schröder  27. The United States, Appeasement and the Open Door Callum A. MacDonald  28. The United States and National Socialist Germany Arnold A. Offner

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Wolfgang J. Mommsen and Lothar Kettenacker