2nd Edition

The Franco-Prussian War
The German Invasion of France 1870–1871

ISBN 9780415266710
Published November 9, 2001 by Routledge
532 Pages

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Book Description

In 1870 Bismarck ordered the Prussian Army to invade France, inciting one of the most dramatic conflicts in European history. It transformed not only the states-system of the Continent but the whole climate of European moral and political thought. The overwhelming triumph of German military might, evoking general admiration and imitation, introduced an era of power politics, which was to reach its disastrous climax in 1914.

First published in 1961 and now with a new introduction, The Franco-Prussian War is acknowledged as the definitive history of one of the most dramatic and decisive conflicts in the history of Europe.

Table of Contents

Introduction  Preface  Chapter 1: The Antagonists 1.  The Technical Background  2. The Unreformed Armies  3. The Reform of the Prussian Army  4. The Reform of the French Army Chapter 2: The Outbreak  1. The War Plans  2.  The Hohenzollen Candidature  3. The German Moblisation  4. The French Mobilisation  Chapter 3: The First Disasters  1. The Concentration of Armies  2. Spicheren  3. Froeschwiller  Chapter 4: The Army of the Rhine  1. The Invasion  2. Vionville-Mars-la-Tour  3. Gravelotte-St. Privat  Chapter 5: The Army of Chalons  1. Beaumont  2. Sedan  Chapter 6: The Government of National Defence  1. Ferrieres  2. The Nation in Arms  3. The Francs-Tireurs  Chapter 7: Metz and Strasbourg  Chapter 8: The Battles for Orleans 1. Coulmiers  2. Beaunc-la-Rolande  3. Loigny  Chapter 9: The Siege of Paris  1. The Investment  2. Le Plan Troucu  3. Versailles  4. The Bombardement  Chapter 10: Guerre a Outrance 1.  the Deepening Conflict  2. Chanzy  3. Faidherbe  4. The End in the West  5. Bourbaki  Chapter 11: The Peace  Notes on Sources  Select Bibliography  Index

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Sir Michael Howard was the Regius Professor of Modern History at the University of Oxford from 1980-1989. He was Professor of History at Yale University from 1989-1993.


'No outline can suggest the richness of detail and significance, or the superb command of language with which he invests his chronicle. His book is a masterpiece.' - Sunday Times

'Brilliantly written.' - Julian Critchley, The Week